"We can dedicate extra resources to show how you

        terrorize employees for public records to write in your

        pay to play blog."

                                                   - Victoria Mendez

                                                     Miami City Attorney

There's nothing like being threatened by a lying, unethical public official to convince me that maybe I need to keep writing this blog, even though some mornings when I wake up I'd rather be 1000 miles away from Miami.

I have no doubt that Victoria Mendez, along with Colonel Klink - who really hates being called Colonel Klink - will in fact spend more taxpayer money to try and shut me up, and I'm already refocusing my efforts to dig deeper, write better stories and just bitch slap anybody who thinks that they can threaten me and get away with it.

Therefore, I think that the time has come for the Crespogram to become a real "pay for play blog."

Just in the last 6 months I wrote 100 stories, almost all of them uncovering or detaiing various scams and schemes involving the misuse of public money abusing the public trust and exposing the unethical behavior engaged in by the so-called public servants who populate Miami City Hall.

Almost all of these stories were based on research, documents and traditional shoe leather investigative reporting that no one else really does anymore, and that if I had not written, you would probably never have heard about.

It's always been a challenge to keep the Crespogram going, and I suspect that it's only going to get more challenging after Mendez's threat.

So, here's your chance to become like the deep pocket donors who buy off the Mayor and the Commissioners with big contributions to their campaigns and PAC's.  You can buy me off to keep bitch-slapping these weasels by clicking on the donate button below.

If you want someone to wake up every morning ready to expose the various scams and schemes that go on almost daily at Miami City Hall, then show your love, and when you hear Joe Carollo, or Victoria Mendez or any of these other asswipes say that I'm being paid to write this blog, you can proudly say that you're one of those whose paying, and you're getting your money's worth!

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