September 4th - Francis Suarez's Marijuana Connection

September 5th - Joe Carollo sues Francis Suarez over his effort to become Strong Mayor & Selective Code Enforcement

September 10th - Welcome To The Hood - Where did the Mayor come up with the $309,000 down payment & Closing Costs for his new house/ September 11th - A Clause In The new ULTRA Contract could screw the residents who live across the street from Bayfront Park

September 12th - The electric scooters come up for a vote, and an update on several lawsuits against the city

September 19th - The City Manager's selective adherence to his oath of office/Another example of the failure to comply with Florida Public Records Law/More on the mailer sent out by the Suarez Strong Mayor campaign

September 20th - We have a couple Photos of the Day and a Twitter question that make you appreciate that you live in It's Miami, Bitches!

September 18th - FOP Contract Video, Salt Bae & David Beckham photo, the first mailer for Francis Suarez & the latest report on all the money Suarez's campaign for Strong Mayor has received

September 23rd/24th - Formula 1 put on hold & The Mayor likes to travel. Whose paying for the trips?

September 26th - MSEA commits suicide video, Bayfront Park Trust meeting video and Soccer Stadium mailer.

September 27th - The latest ULTRA contract & the Magic City Innovation District

September 28th - The Mayor of the Village of Key Biscayne is under criminal investigation

August 25th - Francis Suarez's Strong Mayor campaign rakes in cash from the usual suspects

October 1st - The Mayor of Miami had developed an arrogant sense of entitlement and a reliance on big money donations

October 3rd - Joe Carollo trolling the neighborhood looking for dirt on Ball & Chain

October 4th - Alex Penelas shilling for Francis Suarez's strong mayor proposal

October 5th - Video of Carollo v. Suarez court hearing

October 6th - Court rules against Carollo & Colonel Klink's Challenge Coin

September 4th - The Ethics Commission Closeout Report on Joe Carollo

October 10th - Acting Chairman of the Code Enforcement Board was with Carollo in video shot behind Ball & Chain

October 11th - Bill Fuller and his business partner file $2.5 million federal lawsuit against Joe Carollo

October 12th - Friday catch-up of video clips, Suarez's latest campaign finance report & other stuff

October 14th - Fake Grass and MSEA audit

October 15th - Disaster Tourism

October 18th - The Imperial Mayorship of Francis Suarez

October 21st - Jorge Mas To Miami: 'I do this for my family's legacy and for the hundreds of millions I hope to make from this deal.' & Lazy is as lazy does

October 23rd - Francis Suarez uses his Twitter to promote his law firm. Guess which golf course Colonel Klink will be using for the City Manager's Golf Tournament & Steve Miro sues the city

October 26th - Catch Up Friday, The Police Chief, The Mayor, A new lawsuit, Money for Carollo and the Mayor's and City Manager's office calendars

October 28th - One More Week, Pulse Gives Colonel Klink An Award, The Miami Herald Endorses The Beckham Land Grab, Francis Suarez Lies Once Again

October 30th - Commissioner "Coco Loco" Carollo earns a Crespogram Smoochie

November 1st - The City Manager's Annual Golf Tournament- and maybe the last

November 3rd - The Chickens Follow Carollo, Doug Muir On TheCase, WannaDo City & City Employees: Who Makes What

November 7th - The Morning After

November 8th - After 34 years I finally registered to vote, Jorge Mas keeps adding to ther family legacy, and the city gave ASFCME Union President Sean Moy, a no-show job that came with a $28,595.74 raise to the head of AFSCME Local 1907.

Nov 11th - Huck In Doggie Jail, The 15th Anniversaty of the FTAA Protests and Receipts for the P-Card

Nov 14th - The Latest ULTRA deal makes everything that's come before look like good governance.

Nov 18th - Marc Sarnoff Says I'm Right, Joe Carollo's TV Ads against Francis Suarez & Andrew Heckler's Failure To Provide Me With A Tax Return

Nov 21st - Bill Fuller Files For A Temporary Restraining Order Against Commisisoner Joe Carollo

Nov 26th/29th - Bayfront Park Gets Trashed, Commissioner "Sellout" loves him his "Parklet," and Mayor Francis Suarez is afraid of the "Evil Eye."

Nov 28th - A Visit To The Crespogram Archives

Nov 29th - An UPDATE On The Grass In Bayfront Park and Does Joe Carollo Want To Become The Dicktator Of Little Havana

Nov 30th - An UPDATE with the video of the unveiling of the flag, The real Little Havana Flag, and Joe Carollo Is behaving Like Tony Montana Diving Into A Mountain Of Cocaine

Dec 1st - The Day After The Unveiling Of The Flag

Dec 5th - Joe Carollo Has Always Fancied Himself To be A Friend Of Dictators

September 13th -  Carollo lied about the city needing $3 million from the Bayfront Park Trust to balance their budget

Dec 10th - Ortiz & Lugo: Thugs In Uniform Get Voted Out Of Office & Political Host Committee Is One Way To Create a Slush Fund

Dec 13th - You Too Could Become The Mayor of Part Of Miami & Francis Suarez Is All For Giving Anti-Poverty Money to Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires

Dec 14th - It's a Trifecta Friday with Carollo, Suarez and a Pissed Off Lobbyist

Nov 16th - The Aftermath Of The ULTRA Vote.

Dec 20th - Eugene Ramirez, the City's Communications Director Volunatrily Submitted His Resgination

Dec 21th - It's The 2018 Year End Edition, Crespogram Style

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ARCHIVE STORY: June 13, 2018 - How Did These Illegal Scooters Get Here To Begin With

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