January 1st - 14th - Public Records Requests, Musical Chairs On The Titanic, Commissioner "Water Pistol Joe" Carollo Tries to Pull A Fast One,  The Mayor Takes A Trip & other fun stuff.

January 15th - A Little Help From City Officials

January 16th - ThIs What Abuse Of Power Looks Like

January 18th - David Winker Sues The City Over Soccer Stadium & The Mayor's Office Calendar for October - December


January 24th - Mayor Francis "Jitterbug" Suarez and "Sneakers The Bodyguard"

January 25th - David Winker Files A 2nd Lawsuit

January 22nd - The Flagstone Lawsuit

January 26th - I Send Carollo 2 Letters Threatening Him With A Lawsuit Unless He Complies With The Law

January 28th - The State Of The City Is Fucked Up

January 29th - It's Joe Carollo Day

Jan 31st - Clueless In Miami & Carollo's December Money

Feb 1st - Commissioner Russell Caught Lying, A New Lawsuit Against Joe Carollo & Chalks Moves For A Summary Judgment

Feb 4th - BREAKING NEWS - Cuban Museum target of break-in and takeover by Chairman

Feb 8th - A Failure To Look Out For the Brown Children Of Central America & Commisisoner "Sellout:" Russell's Commitment to Transparency and Open Government

Feb 14th - A Tacit Support Of Racism Is Revealed By The Conspicuiousness Of Their Absence

Feb 12th - The LBA Academy and Francis Suarez Wants To Be A

Feb 19th - Joe Carollo Has become A Danger To The City

Feb 19th - Cops In Miami Shores Upset Over Changes To Pension Plan, Allege that Village Manager Could Cash In Big Time