January 1st - 14th - Public Records Requests, Musical Chairs On The Titanic, Commissioner "Water Pistol Joe" Carollo Tries to Pull A Fast One,  The Mayor Takes A Trip & other fun stuff.

January 15th - A Little Help From City Officials

January 16th - ThIs What Abuse Of Power Looks Like

January 18th - David Winker Sues The City Over Soccer Stadium & The Mayor's Office Calendar for October - December


January 24th - Mayor Francis "Jitterbug" Suarez and "Sneakers The Bodyguard"

January 25th - David Winker Files A 2nd Lawsuit

January 22nd - The Flagstone Lawsuit

January 26th - I Send Carollo 2 Letters Threatening Him With A Lawsuit Unless He Complies With The Law

January 28th - The State Of The City Is Fucked Up

January 29th - It's Joe Carollo Day

Jan 31st - Clueless In Miami & Carollo's December Money

Feb 1st - Commissioner Russell Caught Lying, A New Lawsuit Against Joe Carollo & Chalks Moves For A Summary Judgment

Feb 4th - BREAKING NEWS - Cuban Museum target of break-in and takeover by Chairman

Feb 8th - A Failure To Look Out For the Brown Children Of Central America & Commissioner "Sellout:" Russell's Commitment to Transparency and Open Government

Feb 14th - A Tacit Support Of Racism Is Revealed By The Conspicuousness Of Their Absence

Feb 12th - The LBA Academy and Francis Suarez Wants To Be A

Feb 19th - Joe Carollo Has become A Danger To The City

Feb 19th - Cops In Miami Shores Upset Over Changes To Pension Plan, Allege that Village Manager Could Cash In Big Time

Feb 21st - Video Of The Day Features protesters At A Ken Russell Campaign Rally and The office Calendars For Commissioners, Carollo, Gort & Reyes

Feb 24th - Miami City Hall Bingo - It's Now a Real Game

Feb 26th - New Rule For The City Of Miami: When Bidders For An RFP Submit Their Bids, They Should Like Respectable Robbers Everywhere, Be required To Wear A Mask

Feb 27th - Miami Police Chief Writes Letter Challenging Actions of Commissioner Joe Carollo and City Attorney Victoria Mendez

March 1st - A Crespogram Rant - The Miami City Commissioners Have Contracted A Serious Case Of Mad Politician Disease

March 4th - Miro Court Case - The Dicktator Joe Carollo - Office Calendars

March 6th - City Attorney Tries To Pull A Fast One By Changing Language In Historic Preservation Document

March 6th - Brickell Homeowners Association Files A Lawsuit Against The City For Awarding A No-Bid Contract To ULTRA MUsic Festival

March 7th - The Mayor and City Manager Want Their Own Lawyers, and The Milton Brothers Paved Over Paradise

March 8th - Manolo Reyes Does A Favor For His Lobbyist Son

March 10th - Batshit Crazy Frank Pichel Wants To be A City Commissioner and Joe Carollo Is At It Again

March 12th - Remember When Joe Carollo Was In Favor of Giving Away Melreese Golf Course

March 13th - Magic City Innovation Project - A Sunny Place For Shady Characters

March 15th - Auntie Barbara and Nephew Keon Hardemon and This Year's ULTRA Tickets

March 16th -  Christian Ulvert should not be elected to the Village Council.

March 18th -  Commissioner "Sellout" Russell Hangs A For Sale Sign On His Door

March 18th -  The 1st Campaign Finance Report Are Posted In Shores And Christian Ulvert Is Leading The Pack

March 19th -  Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire. Christian Ulvert Lies About Taking PAC MOney

March 20th -  Christian Ulvert Has Pissed A Lot Of People Off, And Now One Of Them Is Spending Serious Money To Get Even

March 21st -  Joe Carollo, The Fake Simon Bolivar Of Calle Ocho Pulls Another Fast One


March 21st -  City Wins Summary Judgement Against Bruce Matheson in Melreese Golf Course Lawsuit

March 22nd -  Joe Carollo Has Plans For The Melreese Golf Course Lawsuit And The Don't Include Golf Or David Beckham

March 23rd -  Pervert In The Hood

March 25th - He Is A Part-Time Mayor, Part-Time Lobbyist, And Maybe A Part-Time Lover But He's A Full-Time Schemer

March 26th - Doug Muir Files His Appellant's Brief In His Soccer Stadium Lawsuit with the 3rd DCA

March 26th - The Annual Financial Reports Filed By Miami Politicians Are Useless

March 27th - The Inmates In The Carollo Asylum Are Escaping, and Is Commissioner Hardemon Practicing Law Out Of The Trunk Of His Car

March 27th - BREAKING NEWS - FOP President Accuses Carollo Of Abuse Of Power

March 28th - Gangster's Paradise - Cooking The City's Books and What Makes Keon Hardemon Different Than A Regular Street Hustler?

March 29th - Batshit Crazy At City Hall - This Is What Happens When Joe Carollo Doesn't Take His meds, And Want To Talk About My Years In Prison

March 30th - ULTRA Day 1 - The Predictions Came True

March 15th - Federal Court  Of Appeals Refused To Give Javier Ortiz Limited Immunity

March 31st - It's Time To Fire The City Manager

April 1st - Miami Shores Publix Makes The Photo Of The Day

April 1st - Miami's Politicians Fight Over Who Loves Venezuela More

April 2nd - Christian Ulvert's Always Quick With A  Deflecting Denial

April 4th - You Are Invited To The $232,000 Concert And Vigil

April 8th - Miami Shores - The Last Campaign Reports

April 9th - Emilio Gonzalez Angling To Lose His Soul And Go To Hell

January 9th - Budget Director Slow Walks A Public Record Request

January 7th -Steven Miro's First Lawsuit

April 10th - The City Sees ULTRA As A Cash Cow And Made It Go Moo, Moo, Moo

April 12th - PART Il - Gangsters In Paradise

January 14th - Code Enforcement Board Goes Off The Deep End

April 14th - Round 1 Of The Carlos Gimenez and Francis Suarez 2012 Election For Mayor Of Miami

April 14th - Joe Carollo And The FEC Slip

April 14th - Frank Pichel Makes Joe Carollo Look Rational And Sane

April 16th - This Is What Democracy Looks Like  (Photo Essay)

April 11th - 2018 Anniversary Issue

April 19th - ULTRA Tickets and Public Records

April 24th - The Queen Of Swag Still Raking It In

April 26th - Mayor Hires His Own Attorney

April 26th - How The Los Angeles Times Handled The Discovery That Their State Attorney Was Taking Swag

May 1st - Water, Water Everywhere. Septic Tank Problems In Miami-Dade County

May 3rd - Commissioner "Sellout" Russell To Live Up To His Name

April 24th - The 1st Community Meeting about The Little Haiti Innovation Project

May 6th - Part II - Tickets? Tickets? Who Got The ULTRA Tickets?

May 6th - Affordable Housing, Miami Style

May 6th - Proof That Miami Officials Are Morons

May 9th - It's Crespo Pop Time

May 9th -  Stormwater Meeting For Upper Eastside

May 9th -  Joe Carollo: What Goes Around Comes Around

May 9th -  ULTRA Says Goodbye

May 9th -  WANTED

May 13th -  Homestead Detention Facility Protest - Photo Essay

May 16th -  Joe Carollo Gets My Notice Of Code Violation

May 17th -  Adele Valencia - Not Ready For Prime Time

May 19th -  Alex de la Portilla & The Absentee Ballot Destruction

May 20th -  The Mayor and Operation Armada

May 22nd -  The Stinky MRC Finance Deal

May 23rd -  Another Code Compliance Story The Director Won't Like

May 23rd -  Copies Of Carollo Code Violations

May 24th  -  Rickenbacker Marina Deal In Question Again

May 30th  -  The Fix In In On The Carollo Code Violations

June 2nd - From Possible Absentee Ballot Destruction to Illegal Home Additions Alex De La Portilla Is Hard At Work

June 3rd  - Alex De La Portilla Loses House In Foreclosure

June 6th  - An ULTRA Twofer Featuring a Story About The Continually Corrupt Ethics Commission

June 12th - Cop Tasers Cop & 24 Hour Notice Of A "Community Meeting" Pisses Off The Neighborhood

June 13th - Sunshine Law, What Sunshine Law, This Is Miami Bitches, And Nobody Gives A Fuck About The Law

June 16th - A Colonel Klinker Twofer

June 14th - SWAT Team Member Injured During Training.

June 20th - Septic Tanks And The Problem Of Sea Level Rise

June 21st - Colonel Klink Only Eats Out With Men

June 24th - Pensions For Everyone

June 25th - Carollo Gets Special Treatment From Code Enforcement

June 25th - Code Enforcement Tries To Play Cute With Public Records

June 26th - Photo Of The Day and Open Letter To Code Enforcement Director

June 27th - Zoning & Code Violations In The West Grove

June 28th -The First Draft Of My Florida Bar Complaint Against Victoria Mendez, Jihan Soliman and Adele Valencia

July 1st -  I Got Mail From The City Attorney, And She Wasn't Happy.

July 3rd -  After A Hard Week Of Self-Promotion In Washington, The Klinker Couldn't Wait To Get Home And Have Lunch With The "Team"

July 3rd -  The Mayor's "Counsel" Eddy Leal Got His Weenie Caught In A Meat Grinder

July 8th -  Public Records? Public Records? You Want Public Records, We'll Give You Public Records!

July 8th -  The Regalado Grifter Family Is Back In The News!

July 10th -  Francis Suarez's Annual Financial Reports Still Don't Answer Where He Got The Down Payment Money For His New House

July 10th -  Traffic, Traffic, We Don't Want No Traffic On Our Streets

July 15th -  Carollo's Annual Financial Report

July 17th - Arson In Miami

July 17th - Francis and Xavier Suarez Share A Lack Of Transparency In The Financial Reports

July 18th - God's On Call As A Guide and Higher Authority In City Hall

July 22nd - The City Attorney Lies About The Number Of Votes Needed To Allow ULTRA Back Into Bayfront Park

July 23rd - Another Possible Location For ULTRA Gets Mentioned

July 23rd - The Puerto Rican Flag On The Building In The MIMO Historic District

July 24th - A Message To The Residents From The Budget Director: FUCK YOU!

July 28th - Part I - Looking Closer At Xavier Suarez's Finance Reports

August 1st - Part II - Xavier & Francis Suarez Tag Team Deep Pocket Donors

August 1st - Anonymous Documents Allege Bribery Behind Rezoning

July 26th -  Did Willie Gort Fail To Recuse Himself

August 6th - Carollo's Last Friday/Leal Ethics Complain/Letter To Mayor About ULTRA/Xavier Suarez's Meerting

August 8th - A Carollo Trifecta

August 12th - Was Joe Carollo Ever In The US Marines

August 13th - Joe Carollo Video Claiming to Be In Marines Inactive Reserve

August 15th - Photos Of The Day: The Klinker Continues To Have Lunch With The "Boys" & Manny Priequez Is Not Happy With Commissioner "Sellout" Russell

August 14th - Let's Not Lose Track Of Joe Carollo's Abuse Of Office

August 16th - Candidate Forum Turns Into Shit Show

August 16th - ULTRA Ignores Contractual Requirements To Repair Damages On Virginia Key

August 16th - Carollo Aide, Tanhja Quintana Arrested For Drunk Driving

August 17th - RIP Gus Barreiro

August 19th - An Archive Story About Frank Carollo

August 20th - Momma Carollo Owes $9,918.78 In Property Taxes

August 21st - New Candidate Jim Fried Meets With Supporters & Community Meeting About Morningside Park Pool

August 22nd - Video Of The Community Meeting About Morningside Park Pool & Full Video Of District 1 Candidate Debate

August 22nd - Photo Of The Day -Darth Vader Sarnoff & Sith Lord Carollo & The City Attorney Spent $35,893.13 Looking For Porn On Carollo's office Computers

August 27th - DOD Reports That Carollo Never Went To Boot Camp Or Was An Active Service Marine.

August 27th - Centner Academy Holds Grand Opening Of Pre-School Without A Certificate Of Occupancy.

August 28th - District 2 Community Meeting & Letter About Morningside Park and Pool

August 30th - Work Order? What Work Order?

September 1st - Carollo Goes Crazy In Fight With Bill Fuller & The Miami Police Department

September 3rd - Bringing You Kid To Work During A Hurricane Is A Bad Idea & Carollo Has Gone Off His Meds

September 4th - Homeowners Association Challenges The Right Of Mayor's Law Firm To Represent A Client That He Has Veto Power Over Their Item

September 5th - Where Has Commissioner Carollo Been Hiding & Alex Diaz de la Portilla Could bring A Whole new Level Of Political Corruption To Miami City Hall

September 7th - The FOP Bitch Slaps Carollo For trying To Take Away Their Off-Duty Jobs

September 8th - Domini Gibbs Ashamed To Admit The She Once Worked For Frank Carollo & Code Enforcement Director Adele Valencia Taken For a Ride By AFSCME Union President Sean Moy

September 10th - A Love Letter From Carollo's Wife, Colonel Kilink Makes The Photo Of The Day, & Who Benefits Most From The New Pensions For Elected Officials

September 11th - You Got To Wonder What Rich People Tell Their Rich Friends When They Discover How Easy And Cheap It Is To Buy Politicians In Miami

September 13th - Commissioner "Comemeirda" Makes Colonel Klink His Bitch

September 13th - Eleazar Melendez Is Not Qualified To be A City Commissioner

September 15th - Eleazar Melendez Tells A Whopper Of A Lie

September 18th - Lawsuit Challenging 1st Amendment Thrown Out Of Court

September 19th - My Position On Jim Fried

September 20th - Steve Marin Doesn't Use Cash

September 25th - How Did Commissioner Ken Russell End Up In A Broward County Courtroom

September 26th - Attorney Bruce Jacobs Failed To Register As A Lobbyist

September 27th - It Was Only A Check For $500,000 To The Super Bowl Host Committee

September 30th - Impeachment: And Civil War: Be Careful What You Wish For

Oct 2nd - Joe Carollo And The Bayside Ferris Wheel

Oct 4th - Have You Heard The Story About How Joe Carollo Took Adele Valencia For A Ride-Along

Oct 8th - The Lawsuit Filed Again Joe Carollo By The Ferris Wheel Company

Oct 8th - The City Ignores Historic Preservation For Shenandoah Church

Oct 9th - When You Need A Snake, Lobbyist Fausto Gomez Is A Snake Of Choice

Oct 14th - I'm The Mayor, And I'll Be A Whiny Bitch If I Want To

Oct 15th - Commissioner "Sellout" Russell's October Surprise

Oct 16th - Jeff Bercow To Eddy Leal: Never Mind

Oct 17th - Partisan Political Campaigning

Oct 19th - It's A Saturday Catch Up

Oct 17th - Steve Miro Files A Whistleblower Lawsuit Against The City Of Miami

Oct 12th Bank Of America Wants Commissioner "Sellout" Russell's Records

Oct 21st - Beware Of Possible Absentee Ballot Hustle  

Oct 22nd - Diaz de la Portilla Campaign Story

Oct 23rd - The Electric Scooter Lawsuits

Oct 27th - I Give The Finger To A Diaz de la Portilla Campaign Worker

Oct 28th - Frank Pichel Wins The Day & Other Voter Stories

Oct 29th - Pastor Garcia Didn't Like My Update On His Part In The Food Bank Story Yesterday

Oct 30th - Alex Diaz de la Portilla's Secret Life As A Democratic Operative

Nov 6th - A Post Election Twofer

Nov 10th - Carollo Appointed A Ringer To The Code Compliance Task Force

Nov 12th - It's Miami, Bitches! An Inside View Of The District 1 Election You Find Nowhere Else

Nov 13th - Cowshit For Brains. Morons At City Hall Edit Video of Special Meeting

Nov 13th - If Alex Diaz de la Portilla Is Running For Office, You Can Bet That There's Shit In The Game Involving The Ballots

Nov 15th - Putting Lipstick On A Pig. Alyce Robertson Retires, But Comes Back On Monday With A 1 Year Consulting Contract For Her Full Salary

Nov 16th - Javier Ortiz Keeps Getting Away With Being A Thug With A Badge And A Gun

Nov 18th - Sean Moy: The $100,502.64 Man

Nov 18th - Bruce Bageley, Father of SAdele Valencia, City of Miami's Code Compliance Director Arrested And Charged With Money Laundering

Nov 19th - Alex Diaz de la Portilla Received A Total Of $1,449,300 In Campaign Donations

Nov 20th - Commissioner Keon Hardemon And His "Uncle Billy." Feeding At The Public Trough.

Nov 21st  - It's Time For Black Folks To Tell The Hardemons To Fuck Off

Nov 21st  - Crespodamas Predicts

Nov 22nd  -The MCPBA Press Conference About Problems Inside The Police Department

Nov 25th - Francis X Suarez Exploits A Poor Homeless Man For A Photo Op

Dec 1st - Assistant State Attorney Johnette Hardiman Is A Terrible Prosecutor

Dec 4th - Where Yor Tax Dollars Go - The Crespogram Annual Payroll Report


Dec 6th - Javier Ortiz And The CIP Trade Punches

Dec 11th - The Budget Director Is In For A Very Rough Ride

Dec 10th - A Tuesday Trifecta: Russell Refuses To Turn Over Complaints About Electric Scooters, La Placita Restaurant Still Refuses To Paint Over Flag and Neil Shiver, Executive Director of the SEOPW CRA Is Looking For Approval For a Private Development Deal, While Calming He's A Member Of The Bar: He's Been Disbarred For Years

Dec 8th - Section 4 Of The City Charter

Dec 11th - Melreese Legal Fees Already Over $561,000.00

Dec 13th - Moishe Mana's Presentation For Flagler Street

Dec 15th - If You Go After The King, You'd Better Kill Him

Dec 17th - Another Abuse Of Public Records  Story

Dec 18th - Why Isn't the Bayside Ferris Wheel Up & Why Is This Park Closed When It Should be Opened

Dec 20th - Willy Gort Appointed To Ethics Commission

Dec 20th - BEWARE - The WAVE - This Is The Worst Deal That Might Ever Be Perpertrated On The Residents Of Miami

Dec 28th - This Was It's Miami, Bitches 2019

Dec 19th - The Carollos Have Left The Country

Dec 6th - Mayor & Manager's Office Calendars for 2019

Office Calendars

Dec 10th - Neil Shriver Is Looking For A Deal

Office Calendars