January 1st - 14th - Public Records Requests, Musical Chairs On The Titanic, Commissioner "Water Pistol Joe" Carollo Tries to Pull A Fast One,  The Mayor Takes A Trip & other fun stuff.

January 15th - A Little Help From City Officials

January 16th - ThIs What Abuse Of Power Looks Like

January 18th - David Winker Sues The City Over Soccer Stadium & The Mayor's Office Calendar for October - December


January 24th - Mayor Francis "Jitterbug" Suarez and "Sneakers The Bodyguard"

January 25th - David Winker Files A 2nd Lawsuit

January 22nd - The Flagstone Lawsuit

January 26th - I Send Carollo 2 Letters Threatening Him With A Lawsuit Unless He Complies With The Law

January 28th - The State Of The City Is Fucked Up

January 29th - It's Joe Carollo Day

Jan 31st - Clueless In Miami & Carollo's December Money

Feb 1st - Commissioner Russell Caught Lying, A New Lawsuit Against Joe Carollo & Chalks Moves For A Summary Judgment

Feb 4th - BREAKING NEWS - Cuban Museum target of break-in and takeover by Chairman

Feb 8th - A Failure To Look Out For the Brown Children Of Central America & Commissioner "Sellout:" Russell's Commitment to Transparency and Open Government

Feb 14th - A Tacit Support Of Racism Is Revealed By The Conspicuousness Of Their Absence

Feb 12th - The LBA Academy and Francis Suarez Wants To Be A

Feb 19th - Joe Carollo Has become A Danger To The City

Feb 19th - Cops In Miami Shores Upset Over Changes To Pension Plan, Allege that Village Manager Could Cash In Big Time

Feb 21st - Video Of The Day Features protesters At A Ken Russell Campaign Rally and The office Calendars For Commissioners, Carollo, Gort & Reyes

Feb 24th - Miami City Hall Bingo - It's Now a Real Game

Feb 26th - New Rule For The City Of Miami: When Bidders For An RFP Submit Their Bids, They Should Like Respectable Robbers Everywhere, Be required To Wear A Mask

Feb 27th - Miami Police Chief Writes Letter Challenging Actions of Commissioner Joe Carollo and City Attorney Victoria Mendez

March 1st - A Crespogram Rant - The Miami City Commissioners Have Contracted A Serious Case Of Mad Politician Disease

March 4th - Miro Court Case - The Dicktator Joe Carollo - Office Calendars

March 6th - City Attorney Tries To Pull A Fast One By Changing Language In Historic Preservation Document

March 6th - Brickell Homeowners Association Files A Lawsuit Against The City For Awarding A No-Bid Contract To ULTRA MUsic Festival

March 7th - The Mayor and City Manager Want Their Own Lawyers, and The Milton Brothers Paved Over Paradise

March 8th - Manolo Reyes Does A Favor For His Lobbyist Son

March 10th - Batshit Crazy Frank Pichel Wants To be A City Commissioner and Joe Carollo Is At It Again

March 12th - Remember When Joe Carollo Was In Favor of Giving Away Melreese Golf Course

March 13th - Magic City Innovation Project - A Sunny Place For Shady Characters

March 15th - Auntie Barbara and Nephew Keon Hardemon and This Year's ULTRA Tickets

March 16th -  Christian Ulvert should not be elected to the Village Council.

March 18th -  Commissioner "Sellout" Russell Hangs A For Sale Sign On His Door

March 18th -  The 1st Campaign Finance Report Are Posted In Shores And Christian Ulvert Is Leading The Pack

March 19th -  Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire. Christian Ulvert Lies About Taking PAC MOney

March 20th -  Christian Ulvert Has Pissed A Lot Of People Off, And Now One Of Them Is Spending Serious Money To Get Even

March 21st -  Joe Carollo, The Fake Simon Bolivar Of Calle Ocho Pulls Another Fast One


March 21st -  City Wins Summary Judgement Against Bruce Matheson in Melreese Golf Course Lawsuit

March 22nd -  Joe Carollo Has Plans For The Melreese Golf Course Lawsuit And The Don't Include Golf Or David Beckham

March 23rd -  Pervert In The Hood

March 25th - He Is A Part-Time Mayor, Part-Time Lobbyist, And Maybe A Part-Time Lover But He's A Full-Time Schemer

March 26th - Doug Muir Files His Appellant's Brief In His Soccer Stadium Lawsuit with the 3rd DCA

March 26th - The Annual Financial Reports Filed By Miami Politicians Are Useless

March 27th - The Inmates In The Carollo Asylum Are Escaping, and Is Commissioner Hardemon Practicing Law Out Of The Trunk Of His Car

March 27th - BREAKING NEWS - FOP President Accuses Carollo Of Abuse Of Power

March 28th - Gangster's Paradise - Cooking The City's Books and What Makes Keon Hardemon Different Than A Regular Street Hustler?

March 29th - Batshit Crazy At City Hall - This Is What Happens When Joe Carollo Doesn't Take His meds, And Want To Talk About My Years In Prison

March 30th - ULTRA Day 1 - The Predictions Came True

March 15th - Federal Court  Of Appeals Refused To Give Javier Ortiz Limited Immunity

March 31st - It's Time To Fire The City Manager

April 1st - Miami Shores Publix Makes The Photo Of The Day

April 1st - Miami's Politicians Fight Over Who Loves Venezuela More

April 2nd - Christian Ulvert's Always Quick With A  Deflecting Denial

April 4th - You Are Invited To The $232,000 Concert And Vigil

April 8th - Miami Shores - The Last Campaign Reports

April 9th - Emilio Gonzalez Angling To Lose His Soul And Go To Hell

January 9th - Budget Director Slow Walks A Public Record Request

January 7th -Steven Miro's First Lawsuit

April 10th - The City Sees ULTRA As A Cash Cow And Made It Go Moo, Moo, Moo

April 12th - PART Il - Gangsters In Paradise

January 14th - Code Enforcement Board Goes Off The Deep End

April 14th - Round 1 Of The Carlos Gimenez and Francis Suarez 2012 Election For Mayor Of Miami

April 14th - Joe Carollo And The FEC Slip

April 14th - Frank Pichel Makes Joe Carollo Look Rational And Sane

April 16th - This Is What Democracy Looks Like  (Photo Essay)

April 11th - 2018 Anniversary Issue

April 19th - ULTRA Tickets and Public Records

April 24th - The Queen Of Swag Still Raking It In

April 26th - Mayor Hires His Own Attorney

April 26th - How The Los Angeles Times Handled The Discovery That Their State Attorney Was Taking Swag

May 1st - Water, Water Everywhere. Septic Tank Problems In Miami-Dade County

May 3rd - Commissioner "Sellout" Russell To Live Up To His Name

April 24th - The 1st Community Meeting about The Little Haiti Innovation Project

May 6th - Part II - Tickets? Tickets? Who Got The ULTRA Tickets?

May 6th - Affordable Housing, Miami Style

May 6th - Proof That Miami Officials Are Morons

May 9th - It's Crespo Pop Time

May 9th -  Stormwater Meeting For Upper Eastside

May 9th -  Joe Carollo: What Goes Around Comes Around

May 9th -  ULTRA Says Goodbye

May 9th -  WANTED

May 13th -  Homestead Detention Facility Protest - Photo Essay

May 16th -  Joe Carollo Gets My Notice Of Code Violation

May 17th -  Adele Valencia - Not Ready For Prime Time

May 19th -  Alex de la Portilla & The Absentee Ballot Destruction

May 20th -  The Mayor and Operation Armada

May 22th -  The Stinky MRC Finance Deal

May 23rd -  Another Code Compliance Story The Director Won't Like

May 23rd -  Copies Of Carollo Code Violations

May 24th  -  Rickenbacker Marina Deal In Question Again

May 30th  -  The Fix In In On The Carollo Code Violations

June 2nd - From Possible Absentee Ballot Destruction to Illegal Home Additions Alex De La Portilla Is Hard At Work

June 3rd  - Alex De La Portilla Loses House In Foreclosure

June 6th  - An ULTRA Twofer Featuring a Story About The Continually Corrupt Ethics Commisison

June 12th - Cop Tasers Cop & 24 Hour Notice Of A "Community Meeting" Pisses Off The Neighborhood

June 13th - Sunshine Law, What Sunshine Law, This Is Miami Bitches, And Nobody Gives A Fuck About The Law

June 16th - A Colonel Klinker Twofer

June 14th - SWAT Team Member Injured During Training.

June 20th - Septic Tanks And The Problem Of Sea Level Rise

June 21st - Colonel Klink Only Eats Out With Men

June 24th - Pensions For Everyone

June 25th - Carollo Gets Special Treatment From Code Enforcement

June 25th - Code Enforcement Tries To Play Cute With Public Records

June 26th - Photo Of The Day and Open Letter To Code Enforcement Director

June 27th - Zoning & Code Violations In The West Grove

June 28th -The First Draft Of My Florida Bar Complaint Against Victoria Mendez, Jihan Soliman and Adele Valencia

July 1st -  I Got Mail From The City Attorney, And She Wasn't Happy.

July 3rd -  After A Hard Week Of Self-Promotion In Washington, The Klinker Couldn't Wait To Get Home And Have Lunch With The "Team"

July 3rd -  The Mayor's "Counsel" Eddy Leal Got His Weenie Caught In A Meat Grinder

July 8th -  Public Records? Public Records? You Want Public Records, We'll Give You Public Records!

July 8th -  The Regalado Grifter Family Is Back In The News!

July 10th -  Francis Suarez's Annual Financial Reports Still Don't Answer Where He Got The Down Payment Money For His New House

July 10th -  Traffic, Traffic, We Don't Want No Traffic On Our Streets

July 15th -  Carollo's Annual Financial Report

July 17th - Arson In Miami

July 17th - Francis and Xavier Suarez Share A Lack Of Transparency In The Financial Reports

July 18th - God's On Call As A Guide and Higher Authority In City Hall

July 22nd - The City Attorney Lies About The Number Of Votes Needed To Allow ULTRA Back Into Bayfront Park

July 23rd - Another Possible Location For ULTRA Gets Mentioned

July 23rd - The Puerto Rican Flag On The Building In The MIMO Historic District

July 24th - A Message To The Residents From The Budget Director: FUCK YOU!

July 28th - Part I - Looking Closer At Xavier Suarez's Finance Reports

August 1st - Part II - Xavier & Francis Suarez Tag Team Deep Pocket Donors

August 1st - Anonymous Documents Allege Bribery Behind Rezoning

July 26th -  Did Willie Gort Fail To Resuce Himself

August 6th - Carollo's Last Friday/Leal Ethics Complain/Letter To Mayor About ULTRA/Xavier Suarez's Meerting

August 8th - A Carollo Trifecta

August 12th - Was Joe Carollo Ever In The US Marines

August 13th - Joe Carollo Video Claiming to Be In Marines Inactive Reserve

August 15th - Photos Of The Day: The Klinker Conrinues To Have Lunch With The "Boys" & Manny Priequez Is Not Happy With Commissioner "Sellout" Russell

August 14th - Let's Not Lose Track Of Joe Carollo's Abuse Of Office

August 16th - Candidate Forum Turns Into Shit Show

August 16th - ULTRA Ignores Contracutal Requirements To Repair Damagage On Virginia Key

August 16th - Carollo Aide, Tanhja Quintana Arrested For Drunk Driving

August 17th - RIP Gus Barreiro

August 19th - An Archive Story About Frank Carollo

August 20th - Momma Carollo Owes $9,918.78 IIn Properrty Taxes

August 21st - New Candidate Jim Fried Meets With Supporters & Community Meeting About Morningside Park Pool

August 22nd - Video Of The Community Meeting About Morningside Park Pool & Full Video Of District 1 Candidate Debate

August 22nd - Photo Of The Day -Darth Vader Sarnoff & Sith Lord Carollo & The City Attorney Spent $35,893.13 Looking For Porn On Carollo's office Computers

August 27th - DOD Reports That Carollo Never Went To Boot Camp Or Was An Active Service Marine.

August 27th - Centner Academy Holds Grand Opening Of Pre-School Without A Certificate Of Occupancy.

August 28th - District 2 Community Meeting & Letter About Morningside Park and Pool

August 30th - Work Order? What Work Order?

September 1st - Carollo Goes Crazy In Fight With Bill Fuller & The Miami Police Department

September 3rd - Bringing You Kid To Work During A Hurricane Is A Bad Idea & Carollo Has Gone Off His Meds

September 4th - Homeowners Association Challenges The Right Of Mayor's Law Firm To Represent A Client That He Has Veto Power Over Their Item

September 5th - Where Has Commissioner Carollo Been Hiding & Alex Diaz de la Portilla Could bring A Whole new Level Of Political Corruption To Miami City Hall

September 7th - The FOP Bitch Slaps Carollo For trying To Take Away Their Off-Duty Jobs

September 8th - Domini Gibbs Ashamed To Admit The She Once Worked For Frank Carollo & Code Enforcement Director Adele Valencia Taken For a Ride By AFSCME Union President Sean Moy

September 10th - A Love Letter From Carollo's Wife, Colonel Kilink Makes The Photo Of The Day, & Who Benefits Most From The New Pensions For Elected Officals

September 11th - You Got To Wonder What Rich People Tell Their Rich Friends When They Discover How Easy And Cheap It Is To Buy Politicians In Miami

September 13th - Commissioner "Comemeirda" Makes Colonel Klink His Bitch

September 13th - Eleazar Melendez Is Not Qualified To be A City Commissioner

September 15th - Eleazar Melendez Tells A Whopper Of A Lie

September 18th - Lawsuit Challenging 1st Amendment Thrown Out Of Court

September 19th - My Position On Jim Fried

September 20th - Steve Marin Doesn't Use Cash

September 25th - How Did Commissioner Ken Russell End Up In A Broward County Courtroom

September 26th - Attorney Bruce Jacobs Failed To Register As A Lobbyist

September 27th - It Was Only A Check For $500,000 To The Super Bowl Host Committee

September 30th - Impeachment: And Civil War: Be Careful What You Wish For

Oct 2nd - Joe Carollo And The Bayside Ferris Wheel

Oct 4th - Have You Heard The Story About How Joe Carollo Took Adele Valencia For A Ride-Along

Oct 8th - The Lawsuit Filed Again Joe Carollo By The Ferris Wheel Company

Oct 8th - The City Ignores Historic Preservation For Shenandoah Church

Oct 9th - When You Need A Snake, Lobbyist Fausto Gomez Is A Snake Of Choice

Oct 14th - I'm The Mayor, And I'll Be A Whiny Bitch If I Want To

Oct 15th - Commissioner "Sellout" Russell's October Surprise

Oct 16th - Jeff Bercow To Eddy Leal: Never Mind

Oct 17th - Partisan Political Campaigning

Oct 19th - It's A Saturday Catch Up

Oct 17th - Steve Miro Files A Whistleblower Lawsuit Against The City Of Miami

Oct 12th Bank Of America Wants Commissioner "Sellout" Russell's Records

Oct 21th - Beware Of Possible Absentee Ballot Hustle  

Oct 22nd - Diaz de la Portilla Campaign Story

Oct 23rd - The Electric Scooter Lawsuits

Oct 27th - I Give The Finger To A Diaz de la Portilla Campaign Worker

Oct 28th - Frank Pichel Wins The Day & Other Voter Stories

Oct 29th - Pastor Garcia Didn't Like My Update On His Part In The Food Bank Story Yesterday

Oct 30th - Alex Diaz de la Portilla's Secret Life As A Democratic Operative

Nov 6th - A Post Election Twofer

Nov 10th - Carollo Appointed A Ringer To The Code Compliance Task Force

Nov 12th - It's Miami, Bitches! An Inside View Of The District 1 Eelection You Find Nowhere Else

Nov 13th - Cowshit For Brains. Morons At City Hall Edit Video of Special Meeting

Nov 13th - If Alex Diaz de la Portilla Is Running For Office, You Can Bet That There's Shit In The Game Involving The Ballots

Nov 15th - Putting Lipstick On A Pig. Alyce Robertson Retires, But Comes Back On Monday With A 1 Year Consulting Contract For Her Full Salary

Nov 16th - Javier Ortiz Keeps Getting Away With Being A Thug With A Badge And A Gun

Nov 18th - Sean Moy: The $100,502.64 Man

Nov 18th - Bruce Bageley, Father of SAdele Valencia, City of Miami's Code Compliance Director Arrested And Charged With Money Laundering

Nov 19th - Alex Diaz de la Portilla Received A Total Of $1,449,300 In Campaign Donations

Nov 20th - Commissioner Keon Hardemon And His "Uncle Billy." Feeding At The Public Trough.

Nov 21st  - It's Time For Black Folks To Tell The Hardemons To Fuck Off

Nov 21st  - Crespodamas Predicts

Nov 22nd  -The MCPBA Press Conference About Problems Inside The Police Department

Nov 25th - Francis X Suarez Exploits A Poor Homeless Man For A Photo Op

Dec 1st - Assistant State Attorney Johnette Hardiman Is A Terrible Prosecutor

Dec 4th - Where Yor Tax Dollars Go - The Crespogram Annual Payroll Report


Dec 6th - The 2019 Mayor and City Manager's Office Calendars:

Dec 6th - Javier Ortiz And The CIP Trade Punches

Dec 8th - Section 4 Of The City Charter