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NUMBER 60 - APRIL 14, 2019


It bears repeating every time that I, and others write about Frank Pichel, that we all start out reminding readers that Pichel used to be a City of Miami cop. Back then, some of the cops on the force, besides calling him all kinds of other names, called him the, "Steroid Monster."

He managed to evade getting fired after being accused of writing a fake incident report to protect a fellow cop who beat a prisoner to death. After that he ended up working at City Hall as a Sgt-At-Arms, where he got busted selling steroids and the boner pill, Cialis. You can get the full details of these and other Pichel activities from the Miami New Times story written by Jerry Iannelli, HERE.

After he left the force, Willie Gort appointment him to the Code Enforcement Board, where on occasion he would go off the deep end, and where he was photographed with Joe Carollo behind Bill Fuller's Ball and Chain last year. That story HERE.

On January 14th, I did a story of how the Code Enforcement Board, and especially Pichel went into crazyville over the decision of the Hearing Board - which oversees the Code Enforcement Board - to include in the agenda a suggestion that they hold an annual election for officers. Pichel demanded that whoever had the effrontery to do such a thing needed to be subpoenaed to revela with they had done such a horrible thing.

In fact, it turned out that the Code Enforcement Board had not held an election for officers in 10 years, and even after all of this, sidestepped doing so this year.

Now that he's no longer on the Code Enforcement Board, and running for a commission seat, Pichel has become a regular at commission meetings.

Last month there were rumors that Pichel had gotten into some sort of argument with someone at City Hall, and had scurried into Carollo's office, before he was escorted out of the building by police.

No one seemed to know what had really happened, but at last week's commission meeting, Pichel indirectly explained what had happened when he came up to speak during public comments.

Batshit crazy and armed inside City Hall. That probably even scared the cops who now stand around with AR 15's during commission meetings.

Just because Pichel is batshit crazy, doesn't mean that the voters won't elect him. The voters of District 3 elected Joe Carollo, and he's not only batshit crazy, but got a nasty, vindictive attitude to boot.

So, I figure that it's my civic duty to post videos every time Pichel shows up anywhere and says anything stupid, just to keep reminding voters that electing Frank Pichel to the city commission would put him on the same dias as Commissioner "Comemierda," and that would make me have to change my signoff to,

It"s Batshit Crazyville, Bitches!