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NUMBER 58 - APRIL 14, 2019


Hanks only published the letter, and not the complete PDF, which you'll find below.

What's interesting is that after seeing Hank's twitter post and making a public records request for the entire documents, I've learned that Francis Suarez plans on responding to Gimenez comments next week, and that, boys and girls, could become the opening salvo in what could be a battle royal for control of the City of Miami in 2010, with Carlos Gimenez and his batshit crazy sidekick Joe :Comemierda" Carollo on one side, and Francis and Xavier Suarez on the other side.

It's back to the future, cira 2000.

Back in the middle of the last century when I was young, the Florida Legislature was firmly in the control of a small group of northern politicians, who over time were described by various various nicknames, including The Porkchop Gang.

Nothing passed without their approval, and I remember how the Miami Herald and the Miami News and even regular folks in Miami would bemoan the end of every legislative session by claiming that the Porkchop Gang has screwed South Florida again.

Cut to today, and Miami-Dade has the biggest legislative delegation, the Speaker of the House is from Miami and numerous powerful committee chairmen are all from various municipalities in Miami-Dade County, and once again, local politicians, especially Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is claiming that we're getting screwed again by the Legislature., only now it's the homeboys doing the screwing.

Last week, Carlos Gimenez showed up to speak to the Miami City Commission, looking for support for his efforts to stop efforts led by Brian Avila and Manny Diaz Jr., to change the way the the Miami-Dade Expressway Commission operates.

I have to admit that I've paid absolutely no attention to this issue - I kind of have more than a full plate to occupy me just trying to keep up with all the shenanigans that go on at Miami City Hall, and so, when Gimenez started talking about what he believed was going on in Tallahassee, I did what some of you do to me, I tuned out and did something else.

It turns out, that what happened at last week's Commission meeting might have actually been the opening salvo in what could become open warfare in the next couple years between Francis Suarez and Carlos Gimenez, as they gear up for the next mayoral election in 2021.

Evidence of this is in the letter and back up documents that Carlos Gimenez sent to Francis Suarez - forst reported by Doug Hanks on Twitter: