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NUMBER 105 - APRIL 20, 2020

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All of these groups are politically connected, and the Allapattah Collaborative Community Development Corp, which was formed on July 2, 2019, has a website that raises questions as to whether instead of dispensing "technical assistance," they might be in need of "technical assistance."  

To understand what I mean, here is the portion of their website that shows their supposed Table Of Organization, including Executive Director, Board Members, Steering Committee and Advisors.

If you go to their website and click on any of these boxes, the link takes you to WIX homepages, the website builder that they used to build their website.

I shot a little video of the website demonstrating that those links don't take you anywhere.

As usual with the City of Miami, the first thing that one discovers if you take the time to download the backup documents is that the guidelines issued by HUD, and the guidelines proposed by the city are different, and in significant ways.

First, given the very political nature of these money giveaways, where either through appearances, or speculation it is believed that preferential treatment is given to folks who are connected through the Family & Friends Plan, the city has not included or indicated in any document about how they are going to parcel this money out among the 5 commission districts in a way that will not end up as a variation on the usual way things get done in Miami where the Cubans come first, and everybody else can go suck.

The HUD guidelines allow for grants from $5,000 to $20,000 to be given to eligible recipients. The city has set an arbitrary $10,000 amount to be given.

HUD has a section of what are described as Loan Criteria. The city does not include any of these provisions in their guidelines.

HUD does not include a specific evaluation or scoring process to use as a way to qualify applicants. The city does.

And it is here where the the City of Miami's Special Sause gets applied.

Unlike the federal and state government giveaways of money to businesses, the City of Miami has concluded that the process for business owners in the city might be so confusing that they've decided that they need to designate 3 separate "non-profit organizations" to assist applicants in need of "TECHNICIAL ASSISTANCE" in order to apply.

Those 3 organizations are:


At the next commission meeting on Thursday the agenda includes 4 separate Resolutions that together represent the plan for how the city wants to give away $5 million to local businesses.

These Resolutions can be found in the April 23rd agenda, under VII - PH - Public Hearings.

Besides failing to provide any information of substance about the Executive Director and the board members, the website fails to provide any information who the Steering Committee or Advisors are.

You would think that a company that is supposedly qualified to provide technical assistance, would have already figured out and corrected their own "technical" problem of making sure that all the links on their own website worked.

But then again, this is the City of Miami, and competence never seems to be a requirement when it comes to giving away taxpayer money.

It's Miami, Bitches!