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The above is really the complete English version of the statement that Carollo issued on January 11th, at 10:46 AM.

It's a statement that begins by trying to misdirect the readers attention from him by invoking accused child molestor Rene Pedrosa into the fray, then goes on to link Pedrosa to the Mayor as a way to muddy up the waters even more, and ends by labeling those in favor of removing him as "anti-democratic...socialist radicals."

It's classic Carollo.

The only thing missing is that he didn't invoke a claim that all of the stories about his lying, demagogic rantings and ravings as a commissioner were the result of, "fake news."

It's still early in the game however, and before this is over the above comments might turn out to be the sanest words that come out of Carollo's mouth as he undertakes what will be a scorched earth effort to attack his enemies.

However, before everyone on the recall side of things laughs so hard they pee in their pants there are some unpleasant truths that they need to understand and pay attention to.

First, there is a definite method to Carollo's madness, and all of you need to understand, especially all you radical commie, socialists that better get used to being called that from now on, is that he didn't manage to get reelected to the Miami City Commission without knowing or playing to the voters in his district.

As more than one person has reminded me in recent days, most of the working class and old Cubans who make up the bulk of the residents in District 3 aren't big on social media, and most of them definitely don't watch gringo TV.  

Those folks get their "news," and their view of the world almost exclusively from Latin radio, and in that world, Carollo's ravings fit right in with all of the other rabid, conspiratorial, anti-Castro rantings and ravings from radio hosts who've made careers fanning the flames of communists and socialists lurking behind every plastic Rooster in Little Havana.

Secondly, this is going to get really nasty, very quickly. There has never been much in the way of truthfulness and rationality in Miami politics, and this fight has managed to provide an opportunity for  opportunists on both sides to come out of the wood work.

Behind all of the patriotic chest beating lurks an opportunity for some of these "Sunshine Patriots" to rekindle vendettas and blood feuds that in some cases go all the way back to Cuba and that, more than any concern for the plight of the residents of the City of Miami will definitely play a part in what happens in the weeks to come.

Thirdly, this is going to be a very bumpy road, and there is no assurance that given the incompetent way in which this was all originally organized that the recall effort will not be decided by voters, but by judges.

Fourthly, I will once again remind you - and I'm sure that I will do it again and again because it is the root cause for why all of this craziness is now happening - is that Francis Suarez, the sometimes, part-time Mayor of Miami is a coward who is ultimately the person most responsible not only for Carollo getting elected, but also for his ability to pour sand into the gears at City Hall and wage a reign of abuse and terror on his staff and on city employees.

I agree with those who question and argue that Francis Suarez should also be the subject of a recall, but the reason he isn't is that back in the day, another crooked mayor of Miami obviously acting out of self interest made sure that the City Charter didn't include a provision allowing for the recall of the Mayor.

There is more than I can and will write about all this as the recall effort goes forward, but sometimes you just got to give people enough rope to see whether they hang their opponents or themselves, and that's where I am today

One thing I cannot end without commenting on however, are the rumors that former commissioner Marc "Pay For Play" Sarnoff is now exerting himself into this frey by allegedly telling folks in city hall that they should not support "the recall, or else..."

Sarnoff is at the end of the day just another sleazy opportunist who cares nothing for anyone other than himself, and in his years on the commission demonstrated that he was a racist, venal and lying weasel dick, who as I revealed in the photo illustration below, would end up being some guy's bitch if he went to prison.

So, don't pay attention to Marc Sarnoff, because the only reason he's supporting Carollo and Diaz de la Portilla is that he sees in them an opportunity to do what he's always done, make money by fucking the taxpayers of Miami.

This is what a real Miami Bitch looks like!

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“Rene Pedrosa, the personal spokesperson and advisor to the mayor of Miami, was charged and arrested by Miami Police for the crime of battery "sexual" against a minor, pornography and other serious crimes last week.

“Now, this small group holds a press conference with the fairytale of a recall to divert attention from the gravity of the crimes committed against a minor in the Mayor's conference room.

“Rene Pedrosa was one of the original organizers of this anti- democratic recall, of which the vast majority of this small group do not live in district 3 and is comprised of socialist radicals, as well as others that want to do business with the Cuban dictatorship and corrupt politicians that want to be relevant again."