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In the 11 years that I've been watching and writing about the goings on at Miami City Hall, the only member of the Diaz de la Portilla family that I ever saw show up was older brother Miguel, who had several clients who he represented as a lawyer/lobbyist.

Never saw Alex, and never saw little brother Renier, but at last Friday's Special Commission meeting there was Renier soaking in all the discussion on the Affordable Housing Plan.

Either Renier is unemployed, and having nothing better to do decided to go to watch Alex do his stuff, or Renier was there because he's considering getting into the affordable housing game, or perhaps even the lawyer/lobbyist game.

In Miami having a family member on the city commission can be a very lucrative thing as Commissioner Hardemon can attest from all of the members of his family that seem to cash in on his being on the commission.

I'm sure that if Renier decides to become a fixture at City Hall - even if he slips in and out of the side door of Alex's office - he'll start declaring his clients if he decides to do some lobbying because brother Alex is going to have enough explaining to do about his activities without having to explain what Renier is up to.

NUMBER 24 - FEBRUARY 1, 2020

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