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Another bad habit that seems to have started occurring since Colonel Klink has become the City Manager is his use of social media to promote specific businesses, like restaurants he eats at.

If he was doing this as a private citizen, there would be no problem, but he's doing this on what is clearly his City Manager Twitter page, and with the imprimatur of his official position.

NUMBER 45 - FEBRUARY 20, 2020

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If you go to Wynwood, you know that walking is the only way to really get around. This Twitter page has been set up not only to help you do that, but more importantly to come up with ideas to help make Wynwood even more walkable and safe.

The idea for this came from Claudia Gold, a young woman who is just one of the many bright young people moving into Wynwood and Miami, and who if they survive the exposure to the corruption that makes Miami unique might manage to make this a better place.

Anyhow, all it takes is a Click HERE to join the page.