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NUMBER 47- FEBRUARY 21, 2020

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After the threats comes the bullshit.

Below is a copy of a petition sent out by Tony Albelo's SWARM, which is now part of an effort by people associated with Moishe Mana to try and put pressure on the city of Miami's administrators and members of the City Commission by making claims that are factually untrue. That below petition includes this claim.

There is no ordinance or law that would require nightclubs and events to close at 11 P.M.  There is a law that has been on the books for years that noise/music/racket cannot be heard more than 100 feet from any establishment after 11 P.M.

Understand that for years the city bent over backwards in not enforcing that ordinance. This is the same ordinance that is in effect in the Club District on 11th Street, and in every other part of the city where there are clubs and bars that play music at night.

What Moishe Mana and Tony Albelo of SWARM are upset about has little to do with noise, but rather with the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit last week that now requires Wynwood Marketplace to install real bathrooms instead of porta-potti trailers, to remove food trucks that have been operating illegally on Mana property, and to start obeying the laws the same way that all of the other businesses in Wynwood and other parts of the city are required to do.

They don't want to do any of those things, which is why Moishe Mana  threatened the members of the Wynwood BID and their Executive Director, and why this petition on has popped up.

This is also not true because there are no such clubs or bars in the two so-called luxury developments that would benefit at everyone else's expense.

That's just bullshit.

Lurking in the shadows is Andrew Suarez, the cousin of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is on Moishe Mana's payroll, and who has long offered himself as a fixer for those business owners in Wynwood who felt they needed help to get through the permit and regulatory process in order to open their business.

Andrew is the connection that they expect to use to reach the Mayor in order to get him to get the city to back off enforcing the law.

This is clearly an orchestrated effort on the part of Mana, Albelo and the group of club owners - an effort that they have every right to pursue - as long as they don't engage in wholesale lying in order to take advantage of ill-informed club goers.

Given that these guys are adults and know full well what the laws are, and what they've been getting away with for years, when they try to bamboozle young people by putting out these misleading claims as a way to get them to think that this is some underhanded scheme to deprive them of having some weekend fun it's just a sophisticated example of child abuse.

In other words, it's just another day in It's Miami, Bitches!