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Although the question of the Mayor's veto of the Resolution by the City Commission ordering the Independent Auditor to conduct an investigation into the allegations that City Manager Emilio Gonzalez built an illegal deck at the back of his house was sidestepped when Commissioner Manolo Reyes made a direct request to the auditor  on Thursday afternoon, the legal opinions generated for and against the veto are documents that I believe a number of my readers would like to read and compare for academic purposes.

I initially posted the legal opinion from the City Attorney's office declaring the Mayor's veto to be unwarranted, but I've now gotten a copy of the legal opinion written by Eddy Leal, the Mayor's attorney that provides the arguments for why the mayor was within his rights to issue the veto.

First is Leal's legal opinion, and following is the legal opinion written by George Wysong from the City Attorney's office.

If you've got any opinions of the legal scholarship of either or both of these guys after you read their opinions, go to @crespogram on Twitter and let me know.

NUMBER 6 - JANUARY 11, 2020

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