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NUMBER 9 - JANUARY 14, 2020

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NUMBER 10 - JANUARY 14, 2020

Elections have consequences and the days of Colonel Klink continuing on as the City Manager of Miami are growing short.

When he goes, so will others.

Several of those who will follow him out the door are good people who tried to do right, and some of them were ass kissers who took their paychecks with the full knowledge that they were engaging in activities that screwed the residents of the city.

For those I say, don't let the door hit you in the ass.

For those who tried to do the right thing and will be removed to make way for the new collections of scammers and schemers that Joe Carollo and Alex Diaz de la Portilla plan to install as part of their overall strategy to take over the operation of the city for their personal gain, I would ask you before you leave to go out and buy a 1G or 2G Flash Drive, install it in one of the serial ports in your desk top, open your mail program, and start dragging all the emails and attachments you think contain information important for you to save, and/or information that might provide evidence of wrong doing.

Besides emails, also drag any other documents that you think might have value in shedding light on the last two years of craziness.

Don't wait till the last moment to do this.  If you don't already have a Flash Drive laying around, go out and buy one after you leave work today, and start saving documents tomorrow!

There is nothing illegal in your doing this. Every single document in your computer is a public record, and as a public employee you are entitled to collect and save public documents for your personal records.  

If you know that you've saved documents that reveal or explain wrong doing then I want you to seriously think about providing me with a copy. If not me, then Jerry Iannelli at Miami New Times, or Frank Alvarado with the Broward Bulldog.

Don't waste your time with the Miami Herald.

The first thing however, is to save as many documents as you can, because even thought you might not think your emails or other documents might be important today, they could very well become important later on because the key to unraveling what's coming down the road with Carollo and Diaz de la Portilla is going to be like trying to put together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and it's important to have as many of those 1000 pieces as possible right from the start.

The last meeting of the City Commission was just a prelude for what is coming down the road, and some, if not most of the real craziness will probably happen behind closed doors, because these guy have every intention to loot the city for their personal gain.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and don't lose hope that one day the FBI, or the FDLE might actually show up at City Hall with handcuffs.  

It won't happen however, without the documents that provide the evidence of wrong doing.  

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