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NUMBER 11 - JANUARY 16, 2019


No matter where you turn in the City of Miami today, you're bound to discover some glaring abuse of power, or misuse of public money, or just an outright screwing of the pooch.

Take for example Francis Suarez using his position of Mayor of Miami, and his official Twitter page to promote his son's collection of money for St Jude.

Now, before any of you go all batshit crazy, I have nothing against St Jude, or Francis's kid raising money for anything he wants - even if he's 4 year old in a family that considers raising money from strangers and those seeking favors to be part of the family business - but this venture happens to fall under what a parent should do in private, and not what an ethically challenged public official does in using his public position and social media site as a way that puts pressure of folks who might need something from the city figuring that maybe if they donate money to the Mayor's kid, it will make the Mayor think more kindly of supporting their needs.

At this pace, I think we  can expect to see the kid listed on Daddy's next campaign reports as a paid consultant doing outreach to fellow toddlers to get them to vote for his Daddy!