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NUMBER 15 - JANUARY 17, 2020

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The day that Emilio Gonzalez let Joe Carollo cut off his balls, and guaranteed that his days as City Manager were numbered.

On February 20, 2018, I wrote my very first story about Emilio Gonzalez, and the headline of that story was:





Although he had only been with the city a few weeks, I knew by his initial behavior and attitude that he was not destined to last all that long as the City Manager, and the only question was how long would he last.

Yesterday we got the answer.

The Klinker isn't the first city manager of Miami to leave under a cloud, and he won't be the last.

This is Miami, Bitches! and the odds always favor that the city manager will leave wearing handcuffs, under a cloud, or with a bad attitude. Those options should be included as part of the job description.

The big question now is who's going to be the next delusional opportunist who either wants or is pressured to take a turn in the barrel?

Make no mistake, no matter who decides that he'll be able to survive the craziness of the current city commission for $265,000 a year and a chauffeured SUV will sooner or later realize like folks who marry for money that sometimes the money isn't worth the shit that comes with it.

In the Herald story detailing Gonzalez's resignation, Joe Carollo is quoted as saying that the city should be, "going through a national search, like we should have done before, and finding a true professional - not a political hack from the swamp like an Emilio Gonzalez."

Carollo never fails to demonstrate the level of mendacity and lack of self-awareness that he has.  The absolute last thing that Carollo and his principle side-kick Alex Diaz de la Portilla want at this juncture is an outside professional to come between them and their visions of running this city like the brothers Fidel and Raul Castro ran Cuba for the last 60 plus years.

They want a patsy who will handle with competence the necessary administration of the city while giving them a wide berth to operate like the lying, devious gangsters that they are.

Could that patsy be Art Noriega, who currently runs the Miami Parking Authority?  I keep sending Art emails and he keeps replying with very narrow, legalistic answers.  Art does fit the bill on a number of ways, not the least of which being that he has his own history of playing fast and loose with the public's money and he's always had a soft spot for players, which is why the notorious Larry Spring currently sits on the Miami Parking Authority's Board of Directors.

However, all of that will play itself out in the coming days.

For today, putting the speculation of what comes next aside, even though Colonel Klink has chosen not to provide the entertainment as the main attraction at today's meeting, there's still a lot of craziness that can take place that will provide more than ample opportunity for people to roll their eyes and order up more popcorn.

The other main attraction at today meeting is the redistribution of the Chairmanships of the various agencies among the commissioners.

For weeks now, the rumors have been bouncing around about who will get what, and the latest scorecard has Manolo Reyes becoming the Chairman of the DDA, Alex Diaz de la Portilla becoming the Chairman of the OMNI CRA, Keon Hardemon keeping the SEOPW CRA, and Joe Carollo keeping the Bayfront Park Trust.

As a consolation prize for being bent over and ridden like a trick pony, Commissioner "Sellout" Russell will be given the Chairmanship of the Mid-Town CRA, which has no money and no purpose other than to meet once a year to sign the check from the money collected by the Mid-Town Garages to pay off the bond issue.

In short, elections have consequences, and Russell's efforts to finance the campaign of Eleazar Melendez, who he expected to be his sock puppet and protector went up in smoke when Melendez didn't even get enough votes to make the runoff, and now you can expect that Russell will be  bitch slapped on a regular basis by Diaz de la Portilla who seems to have a real grudge over not only the $150,000 that Russell openly gave Melendez, but also the other $120,000 he alleges Russell raised for him behind the scenes.

I love it when scammers like DLP whine and get an attitude about how other people raise campaign money because the $1,053,800.00 that his PAC received was raised by some out-and-out strong arm thuggery on the part of his pal Carollo and even Francis Suarez, who figured late in the game to try and cover his ass.

A look at the other items on the agenda show that they are ones that have to do with issues that Carollo wants to whine and bitch about, so my suggestion to folks is, make sure you got enough popcorn to last you. It's very possible that this will be a better, and a lot more crazy meeting than last week's.

It's Miami, Bitches!