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NUMBER 17 - JANUARY 29, 2019


In some ways it's understandable how Joe Carollo managed not only to survive, but to flourish in the political swamp that is Miami, but in other ways, it's totally unfathomable how a loud-mouth bully, with limited mental capacities and an even worse lack of control has survived as long as he has by continuing to recycle a meager bag of political tricks and the behavior of a paranoid school yard bully to regain a seat on the Miami City Commission, and become once again a disruptive force in the city.

It would be one thing if Carollo were 6 foot 6, weighed 250 pounds, and was known for punching people in the mouth, but he's a 61 year old whose lost a step or two both physically and mentally, and even if you only paid a modicum of attention to how he does what he does you'd soon realize that he's very careful to make sure that when he goes off on someone, he does so in venues where there are either barriers between him and the person he's mouthing off at, or where he knows that there are any number of people, including police bodyguards who will step in and stop anyone from punching him in the mouth after one of his verbal assaults.

In all the years that Carollo has played at being at being the biggest bully in the sandbox, there's never been a single account of him either attempting to physically assault someone, or of someone assaulting him.

That's because Carollo is, like most bullies, a coward.

Because he's a coward, he's honed his skills into trying to recognize and pick on other cowards who he knows won't punch him in the mouth, or stand up to him after some of the outrageous things he's said to and about them.

No better example of this exist than his attacks over the last year on Francis Suarez, Ken Russell and the city employees he's verbally abused during city commission meetings, and who in the case of the employees, feel powerless to defend themselves.

The shame in all of this, besides the cowardliness of Suarez and Russell in allowing themselves to be denigrated like they have, has been the refusal by City Manager Emilio "Colonel Klink" Gonzalez, to stand up for his employees when they've been attacked.

That's what a real leader would do, but Gonzalez is a former desk jockey soldier who always it seems, kept his eyes on the career ladder, and not on protecting the grunts, who he saw few of during his days being a political soldier at the White House.

Carollo made no secret when he returned to the city commission that he intended to target millennial punching bags Francis Suarez and Ken Russell, yet even with this forewarning, neither of them has shown any gumption in either defending themselves against his often vicious and demeaning personal attacks, nor in taking him on over the crazy shit that he often spouts on items he's opposed to.

The video of Francis Suarez whining to Carollo about how he should show him some respect that I have posted and reposted, is a classic example of both Suarez's cowardice, and Carollo's skill in choosing victims that he knows he can ridicule and embarrass whenever he wants.

Picking his targets wisely is only one reason why Carollo has survived as long as he has.


Early on, Carollo figured out that being a tattle-tale on his fellow politicians could benefit him in several ways.

First, it fed the vindictive part of his personality that required him trying to get even for every slight, and secondly, by snitching on his fellow politicians, he would be able to build up Brownie Points with the Miami Herald, the State Attorney and various law enforcement agencies that would come in handy if they came after him.

This wasn't some novel scheme on Carollo's part, because a lot of politicians are known as ready, willing and able to tattle on their fellow politicians to gain Brownie Points.

The thing about Carollo though is that this was not something he did just while he was in office, this was something that he did in office, out of office, and during his campaign to get back into office, and the other part of why Carollo was able to do this for so long, and with some success  was that he was inside a bubble of corruption and malfeasance with a collection of truly corrupt politicians who all were conflicted because they all engaged in, and knew about each others corrupt behavior.

In fact, two of the bigger stories that I wrote while Carollo was a private citizen were based on his going to the State Attorney and the FDLE in an effort to get them to investigate Tomas Regalado and Willie Gort.

Here is a portion of the FDLE Report on Case #M-14-0- 119/3/2011, that identified Joe Carollo as the informant who went to the State Attorney on Tomas Regalado.

Here is a portion of the FDLE Report Case #14-0130/1/12/2012, that identified Carollo as the informant who went to the FDLE on Willie Gort.

If anyone in the news media really wanted to play reporter, it's wouldn't take much sleuthing to get copies of other investigative reports that name Carollo as the informat that provided law enforcement agencies with information on his fellow politicians - start with the City of Doral - and of course all the Miami Herald would need to do is ask their former city hall reporters because he's been alleged to have fed Herald reporters with so much information and gossip on his fellow commissioners and others over the years that I was told that if the Herald ever decided to give out an annual award to their biggest political tipster in town they would have been honor bound to name the award, The Carollo Tipster Award.

True to form, in the waning days of his latest campaign for the city commission, Joe Carollo was actively trolling the halls of the MRC building trying to get information that he could pass on to the FDLE not only about Little Havana businessman Bill Fuller and his activities on Calle Ocho, but also information on Francis Suarez, and information about other individuals and businesses.

How do I know this? I ran into him in the hallways and offices of the MRC during this time, and he made no secret about what he was up to.

The problem with the information that Carollo provided however, was that while he was privy to real inside information, he often could not resist embellishing his stories to make them sound even more conspiratorial and important by including information that either wasn't true, or with claims of documents that didn't exist.

Being a tattle-tale however, was good enough to provide him with some protection, and that's why, even after all the bullshit, and all the whispered claims about how Carollo is under investigation by the State Attorney's Office, he really isn't, in part because of the Cuban Family and Friends Plan that Katherine Fernandez-Rundle operates like a madam running an exclusive whore house, and also because real investigations lead to charges and arrests, and an indictment is the one thing that you'll never see come out of her office against Carollo or any other high profile Cuban politicians in the county or city of Miami.


                                                           - Samuel Johnson

Joe Carollo over the years made a name for himself as a champion of not only Cuban exiles, but of other oppressed latins. If you go back and look however, you'll see that Carollo's support for the downtrodden was only limited to countries that weren't controlled by right-wing dictators, who in some cases he claimed were personal friends of his.

Over the years he's never passed on an opportunity to exploit the passions of the Cuban exile community in Miami, especially the older members who he considers his base.  

Last November, when he organized the event to reveal the creation of a   Little Havana flag to coincide with the first Friday night musical event that he claimed would become the centerpiece of his efforts to energize and generate business for the shops and restaurants along Calle Ocho, he chose to surround himself with veterans of the Bay Of Pigs invasion instead of the shop owners and workers who he claimed he was supposedly undertaking this effort to help.

Carollo's modus-operandi also included elements of vindictiveness and destruction, and from the beginning his efforts in creating a new event on the last Friday of the month were seen as nothing more than a way to continue his fight with local Little Havana businessman Bill Fuller, who had founded and supported the Viernes Culturales group, and which for almost two decades had held their event on the last Friday of the month.

In an effort that has never been revealed publicly until now, one of the other things that Carollo attempted to do during this time that he was actively trying to gain allies and turn people against Fuller, was to offer to buy off the support of a handful of community groups with payments - as much as $10,000 in one case I was told about - and which didn't turn out like he wanted when these groups rejected his offers and his money.

The money that he promised these groups was actually taxpayer money that would have come from one of the city accounts he controls.

Carollo has over the years repeatedly attempted to exploit the valor and sacrifice of real Cuban patriots, and this latest effort was nothing other than an effort to use these warriors as pawns in the phony and manufactured battle over Cuban culture that he thought he could manipulate to his favor.  


Putting aside the questions of why Carollo had to have his event on the last Friday instead of any of the other 3 Fridays of the month, or all of the other allegations concerning Carollo's disruptive and devious behavior in Little Havana since he's been back on the commission, there is at the end of the day only one question that should concern the residents and the administration of the City of Miami, and possibly local law enforcement over this monthly Friday night concert event, and that is, of all the ways, and all of the potential partners that Carollo could have chosen to partner with to create this monthly event, why and how did these musical events become an exclusive production of the latin TV channel, AmericaTeve/ Channel 41?

From the moment on November 29th, when I first saw the above invite from AmericaTeve/Channel 41 posted on his Twitter page by Carollo, I suspected that something was up, because this was the same TV channel that had provided him with numerous opportunities last year go on the air to bash his enemies, and it was also the station that had employed Anna Christina Carrodeguas, Tomas Regalado's "wife," who they hired to produce  Espana Es Tuya, a TV show shot in Spain, and where she was photographed traipsing around Spain after Regalado had left office passing out Keys To The City of Miami.

Why would an agreement or contract be so important?

Because contrary to what Carollo would like everyone to believe, AmericaTeve/Channel 41 is not producing these monthly concerts, with paid talent, crew and equipment as a charity event for the community.

AmericaTeve/Channel 41 is a television channel that operates like every other TV station does. They sell advertising. The shows are just the hook to get people to watch their channel.

I was told by several people who watch the station that it has been rebroadcasting these Friday musical events - especially the one featuring Pit Bull - and given that AmericaTeve is part of America-CV Station Group, the other stations they own might also be broadcasting these show.  AmericaTeve has every expectation of making tens of thousands of dollars on top of their production costs by producing these shows.

As someone who was in the film industry for over 30 years and produced a couple hundred music videos and TV commercials all over the country and in foreign countries as well, I can tell you that at the very least, this monthly concert series is costing AmericaTeve/Channel 41 anywhere from $12,000 to perhaps as much as $20,000 a month to produce, depending on talent, crew, equipment costs and licensing fees for the music.

That comes out to $144,000 to $240,000, for 12 monthly episodes.

Last Friday, I went to the event at Domino Plaza - an event that was not as well attended at the previous two events, because as BB King used to sing, "The Thrill Is Gone" - and shot both stills and video of the event, including this clip of the 3 cameras being used by AmericaTeve/Channel 41, to record the show.

You don't go to this effort or expense if you're just doing this as a public service community event.

I realized then that there had to be a lot more to this deal that had not been revealed, which is why I immediately sent a public records request to him for a copy of the contract between him and AmericaTeve.

A request, which as I revealed in my Saturday story has not been complied with because I was informed yesterday the city cannot find any such document.

Why should this be a concern to anyone, including the city administration and the residents of the city?

First off, this represents an abuse of city resources and taxpayer money.

Every other television or film project that wants to shoot in Miami is required to apply for a permit, provide insurance with a hold harmless clause for the city, pay location fees, and pay for all the other services and city resources that they use.

Carollo on the other hand has masked this for-profit activity on city property by claiming that, as the Commissioner for District 3 he is the producer, and that he is doing this as a community event.

Without any sort of written agreement between AmericaTeve and the city he is allowing the station to use the city's resources, manpower and most dangerously, he's allowing this company to evade liability by using the city's insurance to provide coverage for this event.

This last issue is especially important because what this means is that anyone injured either during, or as a result of this event would end up not suing the television station, but the city!

The proof of this claim is in the permit application and invoices below where it shows that the applicant for the November and December events was Carollo's Commission office, and where the invoices show that the costs for the stage, police, fire, street sweepers and various permit were going to be paid by the city.

Here is the complete permit application.

No where in the documents above, or in the applications or permits issued for this event does there appear the names of AmericaTeve, or Okechobee Television Corp., or Omar Saul Romay, Marcelo Soldano, or any of the other largely foreign companies in the media conglomerate that AmericaTeve is part of; a group that holds FCC licenses for: WJPX(TV), San Juan, WKPV-TV, Ponce, WJWN-TV, San Sebastian, and WIRS-TV, Yauco, all in Puerto Rico. (To see a detailed percentage breakdown of the ownership of these interlocking companies, click HERE.)

"There are some elements that want to stop what we are doing  Because what they want is to continue with the flea market, cemetery - because nobody comes here

And they have this person, who was here today and I think he is still here taking some pictures

This person has this silly thing over the internet, I believe is a comedy page and I will tell you why

He says that he has an anti corruption page, but he has been arrested seven times with a gun even robbing a bank

He s spent 1/3 of his life in jail in three states

And he is investigating me.  Trying to intimidate me and find out how much are we spending for this

And I will answer him tonight: we will spend how ever much is necessary for the Miami people

This man is against everything that is Cuban. And all he does is attack and attack me

He is around here and thinks everyone is afraid of him

He is tall, older, white hair, and has a camera

So if you see him look at him and say:

Long live a free Cuba cono!

Now I will introduce you to Manolo Reyes."

Here is the English translation:

This brings us to the next question, which is how did Carollo become such good pals with the owner of AmericaTeve that he would willingly screw the taxpayers on his behalf by fronting a deal that allows the station to use city property and city resources, including police, fire and public works for free for this for-profit venture?

First of all, you have to appreciate that Carollo and the station have had a mutually beneficial relationship going back to last year when Carollo was waging the fight against the Strong Mayor Initiative, and he spent a total of $62,602.34 in monies collected by his ECO, Miami First to buy anti-Suarez TV ads.

In return, Carollo pretty much got card blanc and kid glove treatment when he appeared on AmericaTeve programs to bash Francis Suarez.

Then there are the unconfirmed rumors of some sort of consultant's fee or payment deal that occurred, although I want to make it very clear they are unconfirmed, and consequently would normally not merit much attention, especially when it came to Carollo who has always made a big deal of never being on the take.

However, in researching for this story, I discovered that Carollo's ECO, in addition to paying America CV Network, LLc., $62,602.25 for the anti-Suarez TV spots, also paid a company called Peacock Consultants Inc., $12,000.

Peacock Consultants, Inc., was incorporated in May of 2018, and it turns out is owned by Marlene Garcia. Marlene Garcia it turns out is the sister of Joe Carollo's current wife, Marjorie.

Here she is celebrating Carollo's birthday last year.

Here is the invoice of the On-Duty police, which should have been Off-Duty police for the November event..

I'm sure that Ms Garcia has a long history of political campaign work, and that this new company, in addition to the $12,000 she received from her brother-in-law has also generated contracts and revenue from other companies and politicians looking to cash in on her consulting skills, and that any speculation that the formation of this company, with no other public presence other than the corporate filing documents is just an unfortunate coincidence that only a cynical person might look at as a case involving the possible funneling of political campaign money to an extended family member.  

Following the money is always the thing I like to do best, and given that a lot of politicians hate Carollo, perhaps one of those politicians is privy to some inside information on what Carollo's been up to in the last year and  that they'd like to share that information with me.

My phone is always on. 305.759.4788.


At last Friday night's event, Joe Carollo went on the stage to speak to the people in the audience, and in the process attacked me, and even encouraged the people in the audience that if they saw me to confront me.

Here is the video portion of what he said:

Trying to talk with Joe Carollo after you've pissed him off is like trying to match wits with a hemorrhoid, but here's a message from me to you, Joe.

I play any game, and cover any bet that you, or anyone else wants to play.

However, it wasn't smart to do what you did on Friday night, and I would suggest that you not do it again, because if someone tries to hurt me because of your mouth, or because you've incited them with bullshit, and they don't kill me, I'm going to hunt you down and beat you till my arms get tired.

Like I wrote before, I'm not Francis Suarez, Ken Russell or one of your ex-wives.

On the other hand, if the opportunity arrises, as it did last Friday, I'm going to use it to reach out to folks, pass out cards and encourage them to become readers of my blog.

In short, fuck you, moron!