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Today was supposed to be the day that everyone would get the first real look at how Joe Carollo would behave with his 3 vote majority on the commission and it didn't take but about an hour for the whole shit show to explode with accusations, screaming, and Commissioner Ken "Sellout" Russell whining for the TV cameras and sound to be shut off because this was not a show that the public should be exposed to.

The meeting started with Keon Hardemon, the newly appointed Chairman being absent, and Russell being steamrolled into agreeing to an amended order of the day that Carollo and his principal henchman Alex Diaz "Del La Pinga" de la Portilla has obviously cooked up for before the meeting - can we all say Sunshine Law violations, kids?

Anyhow when Hardemon did show up, and the public comments ended, Hardemon wanted to allow Rodney Barreto to make his public appearance   update on the Super Bowl, but Carollo, and then de la Portilla would have none of that because it was not in line with the way they wanted the meeting to go, and so, the video shows what happened when Hardemon and Carollo got into it.

As with all things having to do with what goes on at commission meetings, the real story is what has been going on behind the scenes, and in this case the story I got moments after the meeting was adjourned is that first, that there has been bad blood between Carollo and Barreto going all the way back to the 80's when Barreto was part of a small group who campaigned against him. Carollo never gets over a grudge, and no matter how petty, he'll always allow his grudges to overcome common sense, because if he had let Barreto have his say, he could have then gone on with his master plan for the way he wanted the meeting to go.

Secondly, Carollo has been working behind the scenes trying to force Hardemon to resign earlier than he wanted, and among his antics he has supposedly been doing this by feeding information about Hardemon's alleged financial dealings with Uncle Billy, Auntie Barbara, and Uncle Roy to the FDLE and the State Attorney's Office to see if they would indict him for anything. You got to figure that Hardemon found out about Carollo's antics, and that's what really drove his anger over Carollo's bullshit.

If there was ever a story of the pot calling the kettle Black, the notion of Carollo snitching on a fellow commissioner for allegedly engaging in financial hanky-panky is a story worth making a movie about.

Joe Carollo is the absolute most corrupt, sleazy, strong-arm bandit on the Miami City Commission, and the one who above all others deserves being frog marched out of City Hall in handcuffs.

Yeah, I said it "Comemierda," and let's see just how much you want to play with me, because nobody's going to shut off my microphone!

Anyhow, once I again I need to remind everyone that the REAL reason for all of this stupid shit going on at City Hall is because Francis Suarez was an abject coward in November of 2017, and instead of doing what his father and everyone else told him to do, which was come out in support of Alfie Leon, he showed how weak and spineless he was on the Michael Putney Show by saying when asked, that he wouldn't support anyone in the runoff between Carollo and Leon because he wanted to be able to work with whoever got elected.

We now see how that worked out!

Welcome to 2020, Bitches!

NUMBER 4 - JANUARY 9, 2020

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