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NUMBER 110 - JULY 22, 2019


As sometimes happens, shortly after posting my story about the antics of Miami City Attorney Victoria Mendez trying to grease the wheels that would allow the ULTRA Music Festival back into Bayfront Park, an anonymous Crespogram reader sent me the above text message that I was able to confirm was sent to a select group of Wynwood business owners.

The "Tony" who sent the message is Tony Abelo, the founder of SWARM, a full service promotion and event company in Wynwood who has become the BFF of both Keon Hardemon and Francis Suarez, and who seems in a very short period of time to have become a very big fish in a very small pond, a situation that has not endeared him to all, including this reference in an Miami New Times article about the performance artist Kunst.

While Abelo is correct in claiming that trying to fit ULTRA into Wynwood would be difficult, even allowing for the acreage available on the Mana property, Miami has a history of forcing 10 pounds of shit into 5 pound bags, and once again, time and options are closing in on ULTRA's choices on where to hold next year's event.

The big question is given that there is already a major battle brewing between the Wynwood bar and nightclub owners and all the newly arriving residents who are paying as much as $4000 a month to live in the Related Group's newest apartments, what kind of fight can be expected once those folks realize that besides the weekly noise from the clubs that surround them the arrival of ULTRA in the hood might become a possibility.

It's Miami, Bitches!

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