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NUMBER 94 - JUNE 14, 2019


My stories over the years about the goings on inside the Miami Police Department have ebbed and flowed based on a number of factors, the biggest one being the level of frustration felt by the rank and file over how they were being treated.

The release of the video a couple days ago showing 2 officers wrestling with a suspect, and one officer tasering the other, represented a signal to me that the random comments that I hear from my sources about frustrations - especially dealing with the training of new officers - might once again be reaching a boiling point.

For instance I was recently told that a large number of new officers had to be retrained because their behavior on the street was felt to be a danger to themselves and to the citizens they were interacting with.

The above text message, sent out today, is more evidence that all is not well inside the department, and whether the claims being made about the commend staff in charge are true or not, it's never a good sign for these kinds of messages to make their way into the public, because if they are true, then the real issue will be whether they will be dealt with or swept under a rug?

While Chief Colina, who I have written about on several occasions is no where near as bad as his two predecessors - LLanes and Orosa- it's clear that something is not right inside the police department, and given that we're at the beginning of another brutally hot summer, the one thing that Miami does not need at this time - or any other time for that matter - is for something really stupid happening on the streets.

It's Miami, Bitches!