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NUMBER 96 - JUNE 25, 2019


On May 23rd, a "joint inspection," was conducted by Code Enforcement and other city department representatives of the house on 3230 Morris Lane. The inspection was conducted on the street because the owner, Miami City Commissioner Joe Carollo wasn't around.

The house has been the subject of accusations made by Little Havana businessman Bill Fuller, that it is the site of numerous code violations, including the illegal cutting down of a large Banyan tree.

I've written several stories about the failure of the code enforcement inspector to conduct and issue notices of violations on her first "visit " to this property, and the aftermath of what happened when she led a "joint inspection" several days after my first story.  You can read those stores HERE and HERE.

That was on May 23rd.

Today is June 25th, and absolutely nothing has occurred since then including the failure of Adele Valencia, the Director of Code Enforcement to obtain an Administrative Warrant so that her inspector could enter the property and do a real inspection of what remains of the cut down Banyan tree, the illegal construction of a roof deck, and any other violations the inspector might find once she gained access to the property.

On June 10th I sent Ms. Valencia the following public record request based on a review of the Code Enforcement file that I had obtained on the house owned by perennial candidate Alex Diax de la Portilla, who had been served with several code enforcement violations.

Four days later, I received the following response from Assistant City Attorney Jihan Soliman, and responded with an amended public records request.

This time it took several reminders before I got a response, and when I did, I received the original copy of the Notice of Violation and several photos of the Notice on the door in the fence at 3230 Morris Lane, which I  had originally received and posted on May 23rd.

What this means is that not only has Code Enforcement Director Adele Valencia failed to obtain an Administrative Warrant allowing her inspector to enter Carollo's property, but the failure of the inspector to send an official copy of these Notices of Violation via certified letter, and attested to that fact in an Affidavit Of Posting and Mailing, the clock has not started on the time requirement for carollo to correct the violations of appear before the Code Enforcement Board.

Here's what that process looks like from the file in the Diaz de la Portilla case.

What this means is that the Notice Of Violations posted on Carollo's door on May 23rd, is as worthless as used 3 dollar bill with Donald Trump's face on it, and that Adele Valencia, who was totally unqualified to be the Director of Code Enforcement, has managed in her short time there to turn an already dysfunctional department into what a growing number of city employees are conceding is the worst run department in the city - no mean feat considering how many incompetent political operators the Suarez/Colonel Klink gang have installed.

Worst of all it's a clear signal that the FIX IS IN when it comes to treating Joe Carollo like any other code violator.

It's Miami. Bitches!

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