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NUMBER 97 - JUNE 25, 2019


This morning, I posted the story below about how I had, since June 10th made several attempts to obtain copies of documents that would show that the City of Miami's Code Enforcement Department was treating the code violations first revealed by Little Havana businessman Bill Fuller with the same degree of seriousness that it supposedly treats violators in the city who are city commissioners.

Because I try to provide as much documentation as I can when I make allegations, I included copies of the emails as part of my story that I had sent Adele Valencia and Assistant City Attorney Jihan Soliman - who oversees the public records department in the City Attorney's Office - that detailed with specificity the documents that I was asking for.

Approximately 3 hours after I posted my story I received an email notice that documents had been released for one of my requests.

Here is a screen grab of the page from the city's NextRequest website with the documents I had requested.

So, after two weeks of repeated public records requests spelling out in detail the documents that I was asking for, and not being provided those documents - which should have been in any folder maintained by the Code Enforcement Department on this case - I was provided with documents that did not include the two documents above, and now, after writing my story that detailed all of this, they suddenly show up as the response to an entirely different public record request.

Do you think that maybe my story upset some people off at City Hall, and this represents a Rope-A-Dope move to make it look like they had the documents all along, but just sent them as part of another public records request that I had made?

But here's the best part. Even though the two copies of the Notice of Violations above - dated May 23rd and May 28th - and include a copy of a Certified Mail Receipt, there is nothing on either document that "proves that these two documents were ever sent on those dates.

Better yet, even after all of this, these morons failed to provide me a copy of the two Affidavits of Posting and Mailing, which are notarized, like the one that I included in my story this morning that was sent to Alex Diaz de la Portilla.

So, no matter how you look at it, a simple, straightforward public records request that should have been responded to within a day or two, ended up taking over two weeks, and then in an effort to cover their asses after I post my story, I get sent two  copies of Notice of Violations that were suppoosedly sent by Certified Mail to Commissioner Carollo as the response to a totally unrelated public records request.

But, I was not provided a copy of the Notarized Affidavit Of Posting and Mailing, which also should have been in whatever file is being kep on this case, and which I identified by title as one of the documents I wanted in my June 14th email to Code Enforcement Director Adele Valencia and Assistant City Attorney Jihan Soliman.

It will be interesting to see whose Notary License they put on the line when I get sent a copy of this still unaccounted Notarized Affidavit, because as far as I'm concerned, we're now watching desperate people trying to play cover their fat asses with a piece of Swiss Cheese.

It's Miami, Bitches!

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