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There were two meetings on Wednesday of the Wynwood BID.

The first was a committee meeting where the discussion was about revising the City's noise ordinance to bring it into the 21st Century. The ordinance has been around for decades and needed a revamping, and the recent problems about noise in Wynwood has prompted a focus on that problem.

The restaurant and bar owners have gotten together, formed a new group, and have been exploring how best to come up with new parameters that will be workable for everyone.

That discussion is what the first video is about, and it demonstrates once again how you would hope and expect that the city would in general operate. While they haven't reached consensus on all the issues, they BID and the restaurant owners are working hard to try and do so.

The second video is the monthly BID Board meeting, and there is some interesting stuff there, including their new marketing tools, which unfortunately will, like everyone else's best laid plans take a hit as a result of this virus.

Here are the videos.

NUMBER 73 - MARCH 12, 2020

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