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I got a call late on Saturday afternoon about an event taking place at the south edge of Wynwood that seemed to violate the ban on special events.

For the last couple years this annual Spring Break event took place in Overtown, but the suspension of Special Events in the city seems to have prompted the promoter(s) to move this to a location that had a CU that included the use of the property as an event space.

You don't need a Special Event Permit if you have a CU that allowed for events, and if those events don't excede 300 people.

After making a few calls to try and find out what was happening, I decided to drive down and see for myself. The ares was filled with young people and for blocks around you could hear the music.

I didn't hang out after shooting some video, but I got word later in the evening that Code Compliance came in and shut the event down.

This will not be the last event that gets shut down this week and next as many of the DJ's and promoters who had committed to doing shows during ULTRA/Music Week look for alternative venues.

In North Miami people living close to the old Greenwich Studios - where Miami Vice and a lot of other films and TV series had their permanent sets - is hosting a concert that has prompted concern.

From a health point of view, even if you're young and healthy, this doesn't seem like a smart thing to do, but then again, this is America and the one thing we're becoming known for is not making decisions in our, or even our family, friends and neighbors best interests.

As a side bar, the property in question that folks seem to think is owned by a guy named Evo, is actually owned by two corporations owned by Moishe Mana.

The property in the RED block is listed as being owned by a company at 215 Coles Street, Jersey City NJ. The property blocks in YELLOW are listed as being owned by a corporation at 318 NW 23rd Street.  These corporations are owned by Moishe Mana.

I seriously doubt that Mana knew, or would have approved this event taking place this weekend, but it did, and it should prompt those folks who own properties that could be used for these kinds of events in the next couple weeks to let their tenants know that for any number of reasons, starting with the possibility of folks becoming infected with this virus, that hosting illegal events on their property is not a smart thing to do.

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