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NUMBER 38 - MARCH 15, 2019


Even though it was a foregone conclusion that the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission would find any excuse NOT to find David Beckham, Jorge Mas, his brother and everyone else involved in getting a referendum on the ballot last November to have flagrantly ignored the lobbying laws during their backroom hustle to walk away with the Melreese Golf Couse for their massive development real estate deal, one good thing did come out of their report.

We no longer have to wonder what it is that Keon Hardemon's Auntie, Barbara Hardemon does when she pops up as a registered lobbyist tied to some big real estate deal like the Beckham soccer deal that has as it's ulterior purpose fucking the residents of Maimi out of valuable public owned property.

She "facilitates, "meetings with her nephew, the commissioner.



The answer is quite simple.

Since 2012, the Miami City Commission has refused to comply with the Letter Of Instruction that they received from the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission regarding how free tickets are distributed and accounted for in the City of Miami.

It all started in 2012 when I filed one of my first ethics complaint against the activities that I discovered were occurring in the city with public officials. starting with the Mayor's office, soliciting free tickets for all kinds of events. (C12-07 (Crespo v. City of Miami officials et al.)

In what was the first of an ongoing pattern of behavior regarding some of my complaints, the commission dismissed my complaint, and then turned around and using the evidence I provided, created Letters Of Instruction telling city officials to quit doing what I had accused them of doing, but doing so ion a way which allowed the ethics commission, fo carry out it's first and principle duty, which is not to piss off powerful politicians by actually embarrassing them by finding Probable Cause that they screwed the ethical pooch in ways that would reveal just how unethical they really were.

To this day - almost 6 years - the Miami City Commission has never acted on the instructions detailed in the Letter Of Instruction.

In addition, in the summer of 2014, when the Independent Auditor's office first discovered that city officials, including then City Attorney Julie Bru, her girlfriend, Assistant City Attorney, and now Circuit Court Judge Veronica Garcia and others had received VIP tickets worth thousands of dollars to the ULTRA Festival - this was separate and in addition to the discovery that ULTRA had, and continues to give away thousands of other tickets not accounted for - the City Attorney's office responded to the issue by having Assistant City Attorney George Wysong write what was perhaps the single worst, ass-kissing legal opinion in the city's history claiming that because the City Charter was written back in the day it relied on language that it took from the Washington D.C. City Charter that cited a case where public officials had been receiving "franks" to ride the streetcars of the day, and that because Miami doesn't have streetcars or private franchise operators operating transportation services in the city anymore, the language about receiving "Free" tickets should not apply because it was "archaic."

Here's the actual portion of that opinion.

This was all the usual bullshit one has come to expect from the Miami City Attorney's office when it comes to producing self-serving legal opinions, but it served the purpose for why it was written, because the ever corrupt Miami-Dade State Attorney used that bogus reasoning to justify not going after ULTRA by issuing subpoenas to find out who received all those thousands of free tickets.

You can read all about that in the story I did last year, when after 4 years the ethics Commission finally produced a Close Out memo on the case that pretty much spelled all of this out in a way that even a dim-witted moron elected to public office in Miami could understand.

This is the way the law and justice works in Miami.

And so, here we are once again, with a potential shit show on Virginia Key coming up when 60,000 people are expected to show at expecting another weekend of electronic music, drugs and a after the show stroll or stagger around downtown Miami finding themselves on an island with limited ingress and exit, and including who knows how many folks who who have received their tickets from the annual allotment of "freebies" given to the politicians of Miami.

Buckle up bitches, it's gonna be a weekend to remember!

How much money does she charge for that service? And what exactly do her clients get for that facilitating? That's what inquiring minds would like to know?

I mean, really?  

You would think that if what all of these deep-pocket multi-millionaires or billionaires who keep hiring her want is just to meet her nephew, it would be a lot cheaper to ask their secretaries to call the commissioner's office and ask for a meeting?

Obviously they want a lot more if they decide to hire Auntie Barbara, and that raises the question of what other kind of other services come with that facilitating, and how much does it all cost?

Now, if we lived in America, that question, among many others would have occurred to a group called the Ethics Commission, and it would have already been asked by the local newspaper or any of the other big-time media outlets in those American cities, and I'm willing to bet that some of those questions would have been strongly worded, because outside of South Florida people who claim to work for the news media actually try to behave like they work for the news media.

Not in Miami, where the closest that anyone in the local news media came to asking, "What the fuck is all that about," was this Twitter by Joey Flechas from the Herald, and Joey was careful not to actually ask a question. He just put the page from the ethics report out there like a pervert letting his dick hang out in a public park and hoping somebody notices it.

But this is It's Miami, Bitches!, and that pablum that the Herald has at the top of its webside about: "Journalism that makes a difference," is just nothing but bullshit.

The Miami Herald time after time, after time, after time fails either consciously or laziness to provide context, a back story or connections to previous examples of questionable or alleged illegal behavior when it comes to the stories they write about local politicians and the people around them.

For instance, Barbara Hardemon first gained notoriety in the City of Miami when she was mentioned in the famous memo to himself that then commissioner Marc Sarnoff wrote about allegedly being told that Michelle Spence-Jones had solicited a $150,000 bribe from the Related Group for her vote on their Mercy Hospital condo project, and Barbara Hardemon was one of the 3 individuals who was supposed to receive a $50,000 payment.

Here's the memo.

Given the migratory and transient nature of Miami's population, plus the fact that a large number of residents aren't old enough to even remember when the Miami Herald was a real newspaper, this is a problem, and a reason why so many people look confused when someone like me starts talking about things that occurred 7-8-9-10 years ago.

Clearly though, things are not getting better, they are getting worse, and in fact, there is an argument to be made that things are starting to spin out of control, so, Keon, you know I still love you, but Auntie Barbara getting hired to "facilitate" meetings with you is just taking this bullshit hustle of yours too far.

How many tens of thousands of dollars has she gotten for"facilitating" these meetings with you,  and how much of that money do you get?

Given the Me Too movement, is she getting the usual contingency deal that all the boys get on their lobbying deals, you know, the monthly checks for the life of the contract deals?

You really need to start cleaning up your act Keon, because people keep calling and sending me stuff about the poverty pimps you're supposedly hanging out with, as well as all the other scammers and schemers looking to fuck over Little Haiti and Liberty City, and you might think that your slick talking and law degree will keep you out of harm's way, but remember this, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle might provide protection to all those Cuban crooks on her Family and Friends Plan, but she's been known to throw a brother or two under the bus to keep the white folks happy.

It's Miami, Bitches!