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Almost 5 months to the day after the State Attorney's crack team of public corruption investigators and attorneys closed out the investigation into the Joe Carollo/Alex Diaz de la Portilla Paella-Gate, they decided to release THE CLOSE-OUT MEMO to the public.

The investigation was overseen by Tim VanderGiesen, the Division Chief of the Public Corruption Unit who distinguished himself a few years back when he summarily shut down the FDLE investigation of then Commissioner Willy Gort's receipt of $18,000 of free bus bench advertising during his reelection campaign, 3 days after the FDLE Special Agent informed VanderGiesen that he needed a subpoena from him to seize Gort's office computer.

The irony is that that investigation was started when then private citizen Carollo went to the State Attorney's Office and told them about what Willy's campaign was up to.

You can't make this shit up.

When Carollo wasn't playing informant on his former pals on the Miami City Commission - remember Carollo is also the one who went to the State Attorney on Tomas Regalado's campaign finance shenanigans - he was showing up at various law enforcement doors to tell them stories about Bill Fuller, his business partners and any number of alleged drug dealers and money launders from left-wing South American countries.

Carollo has never dropped a dime on a single right-wing dictator because he likes to brag about how all those thugs who deal drugs, steal all the American Foreign Aid money they can, and kill all their citizens are all his friends.

It's not unreasonable to asume that the Close-Out of this case with a conclusion that there was nothing discovered worth prosecuting   represents a show of professional courtesy to Carollo for all the cases he's brought to the State Attorney's Office, even if they didn't prosecute any of them.

You got to keep your snitches happy, and what better way to do that then to give Carollo the same kind of professional courtesy that all the other Cuban gangsters on the Family and Friends Plan get.

It's Miami, Bitches!

NUMBER 76 - MARCH 19, 2020

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