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The one lesson that former Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff  obviously took away from his 8 years on the commission was that money talks, and bullshit walks.  That's why he earned the coveted title of the "Pay For Play" commissioner.

Now that he's a lawyer/lobbyist, hustling the current collection of commissioners for his clients, Sarnoff is employing the lessons he picked up when he was on the receiving side of the "Pay For Play" equation.  

On February 9th, I wrote my first story about how Marc Sarnoff had transferred $40,000 to Carollo's ECO, and how that transfer appeared to be a naked pass through of money that Sarnoff had received from two of his lobbying clients seeking votes from the commission for projects they were proposing.

One month later, on March 9th, I wrote a followup story revealing that the $40,000 that Sarnoff had allegedly transferred to Carollo's ECO never made it, and to top it off Sarnoff had removed evidence of those transfers - a $25,000 transfer on December 11th, and a $15,000 transfer on December 12th - from the expenditure list of monies he had donated from his PAC, Truth Is The Mother Of Time.

My latest review of Sarnoff's PAC shows that on February 24th he transferred $20,000 from his PAC to Proven Leadership For Miami-Dade County PC, the PAC created by Alex Diaz de la Portilla.

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Unlike the transfer of the $40,000 from Sarnoff to Carollo, this transfer actually got reported on Diaz de la Portilla's PAC  donation page.

So let's recap.  

At the beginning of February, Sarnoff gave Carollo $40,000, only for some reason, maybe because it looked so much like an out and out bribe from Sarnoff to Carollo for help with issues that his clients needed a favorable vote from the commission, that $40,000 mysteriously evaporated from both Carollo and Sarnoff's ECO and PAC records after I revealed that Sarnoff had given Carollo the money.

Then, Sarnoff turned around and gave $20,000 to Diaz de la Portilla, and on the same day that that money hit his PAC, Diaz de la Portilla turned around and paid $19,805 to buy air time for an attack ad against everyone that could in any way ve accused as being in favor of the Carollo recall drive.

At the end of the day the result was the same.

Former commissioner Marc Sarnoff, using money from clients who  hired him as their lobbyist funneled money to his pals Carollo and Diaz de la Portilla, thereby ingratiating himself and his clients with his pals.

It's all a big circle jerk, and visible to anyone who bothers to take the time to look because this is Miami, Bitches! and the continued exploitation of Cuban exile politics in local government, and the big chunks of money that finances so much of the corruption is as American as apple pie!

Here is that TV ad that attepts to smear everyone even remotely associated to the recall campaign against Joe Carollo with the usual Cuban anti-Castro bullshit that these thugs have been using for years to browbeat their fellow Cubans into political submission.

And, it just so happened that on the same day that Sarnoff's money hit Diaz de la Portilla's PAC's bank account, that PAC spent $19,805 to cover the costs of buy air time for an attack TV ad.