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NUMBER 54 - MARCH 31, 2019

My very first story about Emilio Gonzalez was how he, and the Chief of Police, had engaging in a staged PR meet and greet walking along Calle Ocho shortly after he became the City Manager. You can read the story HERE:

In the time that has pasted, I've written other storis about these phony, staged photo ops of his, including the one where he flew to North Carolina for a couple hours to pose for photos after Hurricane Florence: a classic example of shameless self-promotion and pissing away public money

On Saturday afternoon, after the fiasco surrounding the first night of the ULTRA Music Festival on Key Biscayne, Colonel Klink managed to outdo himself in shameless self-promotion, only this time, given that this was an issue that merited his full and complete attention, he's managed to demonstrate that not only is he in this for the photo-ops, but it turns out he's too stupid to even stage photo-ops that might convince folks that he was doing anything of value while he was on the Marine Stadium property standing around and assuming the pose for his personal photographer.

The first thing that demonstrates the level of fuck-youism that the Colonel displayed about the importance he placed on this mess was the opening sentence of his Tweet:

      Stopped by @ultra Music Festival @CityofMiami Virginia Key.


Stopped by?

How in the fuck do you just decide to stop by the biggest fucking crisis that's occurred on your watch as the City Manager of Miami?  

Where were you going when you just decided to, "stop by?" Were you on your way to lunch somewhere, and told your driver to swing by the Marine Stadium just for a lookie see?

The next example of fuck-youism in the traveloge of photos was seeing Javier Ortiz, dressed in his Captain's uniform with his, "I'm a bas ass cop sunglasses," giving the troops a Pep talk.

How in the fuck is this guy still on the police force, much less in charge of anything having to do with the ULTRA Music Festival?

In case Colonel Klink wasn't told by the City Attorney, it was only two weeks ago that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta refused to grant Ortiz limited immunity in a federal case where he''s currently being sued for the "substantial injuries" suffered by the Plaintiff after being handcuffed improperly for hours.

Here's the portion of the opinion that spells out why the court refused to grant Ortiz limited immunity.  You can read the entire opinion HERE.

Let that sink in.

A Captain in the Miami Police Department is currently a defendant in a federal lawsuit where a federal appeals court just ruled that he has no basis to claim limited immunity as a result of an individual suffering "substantial injuries" as a result of Ortiz's behavior.

But as bad as this is, anyone who reads this blog, or reads the Miami New Times knows that Javier Ortiz is among the worst, and most violent officers in the police department, and that the department has refused to institute any serious punishment for his continued acts of violence and misbehavior.

But, it gets a lot better - or worse - because as bad as the above case is, it doesn't even come close to the beating and tasering that Javier Ortiz, Edward Lugo, Nathaniel Dauphin and Harold James inflicted on Jesse Campodonico on the first night of the March 25, 2011 ULTRA Music Festival.


Not only did Ortiz, as the Sergeant in charge of this unit fabricate a completely false Use Of Force Incident Report, a report that was proven to be false when a video of the attack surfaced showing that Campodonico was on hie knees when he was being beaten and tasered, and not fighting off the cops as Ortiz wrote in his report, but all of the cops lied under oath during their depositions.

As usual, the corrupt State Attorney's Office refused to charge any of them for perjury, and instead Campodonico filed a civil suit and received a $400,000 settlement paid for by ULTRA.

You can read all of the documents related to this case, and see the video HERE, and you can read the settlement HERE.

Instead of being rewarded for his continued misbehavior, Ortiz should be locked in an office in the basement of the Police Headquarters, and not commanding police officers at this, or any year's ULTRA Music Festival.

Getting back to Colonel Klink, if you look at the photos above and below you'll see that none of them involve or include anyone from the ULTRA Music Festival.

All of the photos were staged with City of Miami employees. The only people not city employees are standing in the background.  

If these were actual photographs of the Colonel doing his job, then there should have been ULTRA people in the photographs.  Instead, City of Miami employees were used as background extras to make the Colonel look like he was actually doing important things.

Phony staged photography extolling the visits of the Great Leader have become a trademark of Colonel Klink's time as City Manager, and should make people realize that they can, and should expect better for the $265,000 a year, plus benefits that they are paying for this guy.

ULTRA will or won't sort things out the problems they had on Friday night, but it won't be because Emilio "Colonel Klink" Gonzalez played any significant role, no matter how many ass kissers chime in once they read this to proclaim that everything good was a result of the Colonel's leadership.

His time to have shown leadership was BEFORE this event started, not  'stopping by' after the shit hit the fan!

It's time that the City Commissioners, set aside all of their petty infighting and do something that might improve the way the city is being managed.