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NUMBER 66 - MARCH 6, 2020

The photo above is revealing for two reasons, and they both have to do with the smiling young woman at the right holding that big stack of papers.

First, that big stack of papers reveals the kind of "crowd" that were expected to show up at the pep rally on Tuesday to #SAVE WYNWOOD - but didn't - and secondly, that big stack of papers the young woman was holding was a handout prepared by Tony Albelo  about me.

I only found out about this handout after the event ended when several people handed me a copy and just before I had a short, but spirited discussion with Moishe Mana, which unfortunately became more about this handout than more substantive issues.

Mana not only denied any knowledge of this handout but became quite upset after he saw what it was, and turned to Albelo who was standing by and asked him if he knew who had done this.

Albelo, admitted, "I did it."

Now, I don't want to devote a whole lot of time and energy to this, because I dealt with the copy of the email that I sent Albelo, and which is the body of the above handout in Part IX of this series, but I do believe that I have to explain to Albelo that since we're now in this little kerfuffle that when you play with me you play by Crespo's Rules.

So here's the deal Tony, first, if you're going to write about me, use my name, don't be mealy mouthed.

From now on anything you want to write about me, start it:


I don't want to be confused with any other 7 time convicted felons wandering around Miami.

Next, take your best shot.  

Say anything that you want, but remember that I've been dealing with being an ex-con for 60 years now, and no matter what you decide to say about me, I'll show up the next morning, and when I do, you, like a lot of other people before you will soon realize that I become relentless when you decide that attacking me and my past is your only defense for the things I write about you.

So, keep that in mind. You can write anything you want, but so can I, and when I do, I'll have done my homework.  People who live in glass houses really hate me because I show up with the biggest rocks I can lay my hands on, and I have no problem throwing them.

Lastly, and most importantly, sign your fucking name to anything you write about me!

I sign my name on EVERYTHING I WRITE, and I expect the same from people who write about me.  

If you don't, then you're a weak-ass bitch!

Now, if we've gotten that out of the way, let's revisit a couple issues that I raised in Part VII of this series dealing with SWARM.

First, disgruntled former employees have contacted me with allegations about the hiring of illegal aliens, paying employees under the table in cash, screwing other employees out of money, taking advantage of vulnerable young women, illegal know, all the usual shit that goes on in nightclub land.

Would you like to respond to those allegations?

If they are untrue, I'd certainly like to know know before I devote the time and energy to go out and find out for myself.

Secondly, from the above handout you focused on a part of my initial email to you - an email which you chose not to respond to by the way - by claiming that I had threatened you because I wrote:

.8           "You, your company SWARM and your business

.8           partners including Javi Zayas, his wife, your wife,

.8           and other employees are probably, but not necessarily

          all going to part of those stories."

Given that your business model depends in large part on receiving special permissions from the City of Miami, I thought then, and do today, that in return for those special permissions the taxpayers are entitled to know as much as possible about SWARM, it's business model, and it's key staff members, especially since so many people in the Wynwood business community have in recent weeks spoken openly about their unhappiness with you and some of SWARM's business practices.

That I haven't gotten to all of those issues, doesn't necessarily mean that I won't.  

To be candid, my problem today is that I can't keep up with the flurry of Special Event Permit applications that you are submitting, and then resubmitting with what appear to be different "sponsors"  and other changes, and just trying to get the city to turn them over is not only time consuming, but believe it or not, you and Wynwood are far from being the only stories that I am currently working on.

While we're at it, everyone seems to know who you are, and to a lesser degree who Javi Zayas is - the guy on the left - but who is your other partner, Harry Davidson, the guy in the white shirt?

Is he a silent investor? Is he an active partner?

It's true, you're not a public company, but your operation depends on public permissions, public property the tolerance of the public for all the inconveniences you create in order to make money.

So, maybe instead of worrying and writing about my robbing banks 45 years ago, you might want to address the questions and criticisms about SWARM and Wynwood occurring today.

It's Miami, Bitches!

- Miami New Times

- Praveen Yalamanchi