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NUMBER 172 - NOVEMBER 18, 2019


Last November I detailed how Sean Moy, the president of the City of Miami's general employees union had been promoted from the position of Code Enforcement Inspector to Chief of Code Compliance, the number three job in the department while continuing to serve full-time as the union president.

It was a sleazy bit of business that illustrated how willing the Suarez administration and City Manager Emilio "Colonel Klink" Gonzalez were to doing backroom deals with a union leader with a history of screwing over some of his members and who, after posing with Commissioner "Comemierda" Carollo in the photo above went on to do some of his dirty work when Carollo was looking for ways to nail Little Havana businessman Bill Fuller with code violations.

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Sean Moy, President of Local 1907, and Joe Carollo taking a selfy during the campaign



AFSCME union president Sean Moy and former Carollo employee Steven Miro on one of Carollo's tours.

The thing that defines people like Moy is that once they manage to get away with doing nasty shit, they become emboldened to continue doing nasty shit.

In September I revealed that Assistant City Attorney Kevin Jones had written an email revealing that Code Compliance Director Adele Valencia had conspired - and I use that word because no other word adequately explains her actions - with Sean Moy by signing off on a Memorandum of Understanding that had been previously been proposed by Moy on behalf of his union, and was subsequently rejected by the City Attorney's Office.

What disturbed Jones was not only that Director Valencia, on her own, without any authorization from the City Manager had signed off on this MOU, but that after she signed it the union, obviously using city employees working in the Finance Department attempted to use the MOU as a justification to alter the payroll calculations for the employees involved.

In the real world that would constitute at the very least a criminal attempt to defraud.

What is most disturbing about this incident is the way it was handled after Jones made his concerns known.

The way it was handled was, that it wasn't.

No one was reprimanded. There was no investigation of how, and/or by whom the MOU made it's way from Moy's possession to the Finance Department, or who in the Finance Department attempted to illegally recalculate the employee payroll of the employees listed in the MOU.

In short, an illegal MOU, signed by a Department Director that had no authority to sign such a document was used in an effort to illegally alter the payroll calculations for city employees, and the decision by the City Manager was to pretend that none of this happened.

But something did happen.

Sean Moy got a pay raise for a job that he has yet to spend a single day doing, and Adele Valencia continues to demonstrate that she's grossly incompetent, and that if her Daddy wasn't asshole buddies with Colonel Klink - that's how incompents like her get jobs in the City of Miami -  she'd  be just another mediocre lawyer trolling for clients to represent in Traffic Court.

That is how Miami, Bitches really works!