On Wednesday morning Francis Suarez woke up to realize that while the residents of Miami might like him, they don't trust him, and in order to learn that lesson he managed to collect and piss away


donated by a small, but determined collection of folks who ponied up  thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars in the hope that if he succeeded they would see a sizable return on their investment.

Make no mistake, people who donate $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 and $50,000 to politicians expect a return on their money.

The good thing for the city is that the screwing that the voters gave Suarez also represents a screwing that these deep pocket donors got by being a stupid enough to give him all that money to begin with.

It would have been nice, but unrealistic - this is after all still Miami - that the voters would have seen through the Melreese Golf Course/David Beckham/ Jorge Mas deal, but for those who fought the good fight, don't dispair, this deal ain't over until the Florida Supreme Court says it is, and in the interim, the Fat lady could get really skinny before that happens.

As for the Crespogram, now that the election is over I can turn my attention back to what many of you come to this site to learn, and that is, how many ways are the the crooks at Miami City Hall trying to screw you, because in Miami, elections might come and go, but nothing really changes in It's Miami, Bitches!