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NUMBER 108  -  OCTOBER 14, 2018


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In case you're confused about this issue and this protest, it's about how Mayor Francis Suarez on his own - he didn't need to get the voters to approve of him acting like a Strong Mayor on this issue - decided on his own to have the Public Works Department replace the real grass in the median on Brickell Avenue with fake grass - $300,000 worth of fake grass, and how Commissioner "Sell Out" Russell was perfectly okay with this, as the below video clip from last week's commission meeting showed.

This is a good reason to come out and protest, not only for this bullshit fake grass, but just in general to let the Boy Mayor and Commissioner "Sellout" know that you're getting tired of their antics.

I've written several stories about the allegations of wrong doing alleged to have occurred during the last few years by MSEA, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Below is a video smashup of Lourdes Alvarez, the former Executive Director of MSEA appearing before the City Commission last week where she described in pretty specific detail what she alleged had been going on with MSEA, and then the rest of the video is the portion of the commission meeting where they discussed abolishing MSEA.

Everyone on the commisison danced around the audit that the City Manager described back in May as having, "some discrepencies in accounting,financial procedures," and it is that audit that has never been publicly discussed by the MSEA Board, nor did they ever resolve any of those discrepencies before they voted to abolish MSEA last month.

This is a very serious issue, and while I've pretty much given up on the FDLE ever doing anything of consequence when it comes to investigating the City of Miami, I would ask anyone who reads this and his contacts with the local US Attorney's office to contact them and see if they will at least looking  the allegations raised by Lourdes Alvarez and the disputed audit.

This is after all the City of Miami that we're talking about here, where the moviesson best practices that these people turn to for guidance when it comes to governance are The Godfather and Good Fellas.

It's Miami, Bitches!