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NUMBER 154 - OCTOBER 14, 2019


It was the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus who is credited with coming up with the observation that, "Character is destiny."

It's too bad Heraclitus isn't around today to watch the antics at Miami City Hall during commission meetings because I believe he would have a field day opining on the character of Miami's Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner "Comemierda" Carollo as well as the other clowns on the commisison.

When it comes to Suarez and Carollo their verbal clashes have come to represent defining moments in Suarez's first - and perhaps only term - as mayor, and in every instance, Suarez has come out the loser.

It didn't have to be this way.

In November of 2017, Suarez appeared on Channel 10's Sunday talk show, This Week In South Florida, and was asked whether he would, like his father Xavier Suarez, support Alfie Leon in his runoff against Joe Carollo for the District 3 commission seat.

Suarez said he wouldn't, because he felt he needed to stay neutral to be able to work with whoever got elected.

That single decision, revealing a fear of public conflict reflects a serious character flaw for a politician in a political arena as contentious as Miami's, resulted not only in Carollo winning the runoff, but has allowed him during the first two years of Suarez's term as mayor to turn the operation of the city, and especially commission meetings, into what many observers now consider little more than a continuing shit show of clowns, with Carollo being the Chief Clown and instigator.

Instead, had Suarez chosen to come out and announce that he not only wanted, but was willing to publicly support Alfie Leon to be the next District 3 Commissioner, and then campaigned for him and used money from his PAC to support him, many people, including me, believe that Alfie Leon would have beaten Joe Carollo.

Even if Leon hadn't won, the fact that Suarez had openly supported him would have sent Carollo the message that Suarez wasn't just going to be a pasty and roll over and surrender the playing field to Carollo, which is the message that came across when Suarez chose to stay on the sidelines.

This result emboldened Carollo to act like the wrecking ball he has become, and as a consequence he he allowed few opportunties to pass by without undercutting Suarez's policy initiatives or publicly humiliating and making fun of him.

The consequences have led to several embarrassing and cringe worthy exchanges like this one that took place at the commission meeting in December of 2018, where Suarez all but groveled in asking Carollo to respect him

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In life there are two things that you can not ask or beg for: Love and Respect.

Unfortunately, Francis Suarez failed to understand that, and since he should have known going in that he would never get either from Carollo, his constant demands for respect are not only misplaced, but emboldens  Carollo to yank Suarez's chain whenever he wants.

At last week's commission meeting, during the discussion about the lease agreement for the Melreese Golf Course property, a discussion where Carollo once again clearly transmitted his intentions on how he intended to checkmate Suarez's efforts to get the commission to approve a lease that would give the golf course property to Jorge Mas and his partners for a sweetheart real estate deal that will make a small number of folks very, very rich, Carollo once again made fun of Suarez by calling him, "Lord Mayor..."

It set Suarez off on a tirade demanding that Carollo show him respect, which in turn became a must see video clip on Twitter posted by Billy Corben.

In a March 22nd story, I posted a video clip of Carollo when he first revealed what he would do if the administration failed to come up with an acceptable lease agreement, and last week his finessed his proposal by offering to carve out a piece of the property for a soccer stadium, while putting the remainder of the property out for the highest bidder.

I would argue that it was this proposal, more than Carollo referring to him as Lord Mayor that actually set Suarez off.

Say what you will, but Carollo seldom acts purely on instinct. He sometimes spends a lot of time gaming out his moves, and this move is bound to screw Suarez, no matter how it plays out.

If, as suspected the Commission rejects whatever proposed lease agreement the administration puts forward at the next commission meeting, and then votes to approve Carollo's referendum for an RFP for the property, Suarez can be expected to veto both of those Resolutions.

But what happens after that?

First, we still don't know who will be the next District I commissioner, although the odds are that it will be someone who supports giving the property to Jorge Mas and his partners.

So in reality, I would expect that at the end of the day a deal of one kind of another will be made with Jorge Mas, if for no other reason there is so much money available to spread around to buy the needed votes.

But, this deal however is not one of those deals that will slink off quietly into the night, and it could definitely end up as a campaign issue that could become used a sledge hammer against Suarez if he decides to run for reelection.

Sometimes a good mouse trap has to be set far in advance, and I'm sure that when Suarez heard Carollo come out with his proposal to cut out the property for a soccer stadium, he realized that Carollo had just set one of those long term mouse traps for him.

No matter what, last week was not the last time that Carollo will yank Suarez's chain, or that Suarez will respond with some whiny, bitch response.

There are still two more years to go, and countless opportunities for Carollo to bitch slap Suarez.

It's Miami. Bitches!