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NUMBER 162 - OCTOBER 23, 2019


In response to a question about lawsuits filed over the use of electric scooters on city's streets and sidewalks at a recent commission meeting, Victoria Mendez, the City Attorney stated that there had only been 3 notices of lawsuits submitted to the city during the 6 month trial period.

These letters do not mean that the lawsuits have been filed, but rather are a perquisite for the filing of a lawsuit against the city.

Two of the complaints cite the condition of city sidewalks, and the third one claims that the scooter rider was hit by a cop car. Given the supposed 900,000 plus rides on these scooters, you would expect that the cops hit more than one rider - just kidding.

A more interesting statistic would be how many of these scooters have ended up being stolen off the street?  It didn't take long for entrepreneurs to figure out how to disable to locks on the Lime Bikes, so you got to figure that it can't take too long to figure out how to unlock these scooters.

Of course, none of this provides information on all the stupid riders and flagrant violation of traffic laws and commmon sense that take place every day, but this after all is,

It's Miami, Bitches!,

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