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NUMBER 140 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2019


Yesterday's commission meeting was supposed to be the one where Commissioner "Comemierda" Carollo showed up like Rambo with a flame thrower in one hand and a fist full of documents in the other to bitch slap me, the Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP) and everyone else who has had the temerity to question whether he was ever in the U.S. Marines. (If you missed it, see my first story of how this whole issue came into being, HERE.)

Once again though, when it comes to Carollo's big shows, the actual performance, with one exception pretty much turned into a dud.

Carollo started the morning by demanding at least " a half hour," to put on his show, but after being promised a half hour right after the time certain item that was first up on the afternoon agenda, things went south as they have so often this year under the weak-ass leadership of Commission Chairman "Sellout" Russell, and by 10:30 PM, after a grueling, and at times totally amazing meeting where comments and admissions were made by Commissioners Hardemon, Russell and City Attorney Mendez that I hope to get to over the weekend, everybody was more than happy to call it a night, and push all of Carollo's "discussion items" to the next meeting, where no doubt, the shit show that takes place that day will push it all back into October, and then nobody will care, if they ever really did except for an expectation of Carollo going batshit crazy on the dais.

As I said, there was one exception, and that exception was captured in the above video where early on in the meeting, Carollo persuaded Colonel Klink, whose lack of political and managerial skills is beginning to be both tiresome and embarrassing, allowed Carollo to rope-a-dope him into reading Carollo's "Honorable Discharge" from what was obviously his participation in a college ROTC program.

Given that I, and others believed from the very beginning that the questions about Carollo's military service were ones that were orchestrated by the Klinker in a backroom scheme to embarrass Carollo - again, see my original story where I laid out my reasons for why I believed this was how I came to be provided the information that led to my emails and stories - the fact that the Klinker willingly allowed himself to be led like a lamb to slaughter, into reading this document, is the kind of payback that no doubt gave Carollo a big hard-on for the rest of the day.

The thing to understand about all of this is that this was a pissing match between Carollo and the Klinker, and to me at least, Carollo won on points.

At any time from August 12th on, Carollo could have produced this document, explained that he was in a college ROTC program and that would have been the end of it.

Instead of just admitting to this, once Carollo realized that the Klinker had set him up he refused to respond to any requests to clarify or explain away this controversy while he tried to figure out the best way to make a fool out of the Klinker for trying to embarrass him, and succeeded yesterday by making him his bitch, and getting him to read his discharge.

Carollo will milk this for all that's it worth, but with the release of this document, and his admission that he never went to boot camp, and never was in active service, he can say that he was in the marines, but in truth he was never IN THE MARINES, if you understand what this distinction means.

It's Miami, Bitches!

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