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NUMBER 94   -  SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

In a show of manly strength, the Boy Mayor and Commissioner Sellout engage in arm wrestling to see who will give the ceremonial blowjob at the new public toilet.


Carlos Martinez is the Public Defender for Miami-Dade County.He lives in the city, a couple doors down from where Tomas Regalado used to live before he moved into his rent-free luxury apartment.

Given where he lives, he probably got one of the mailers last week, which prompted his Twitter question.

One of the many continuing questions regarding this effort is the confusion sown by a mailer that talks about an Accountable Miami, and the referendum ballot language that reveals a naked power grab by a guy who won't reveal where he got the $309,000 to cover the down payment on his $1.5 million house he purchased in July, and who is has admitted that if the voters approve this referendum, he will still continue to be a part-time Mayor, doing private deals as an attorney, far from public scrutiny.


There is something almost pathological in the need of Miami City Manager Emilio "Colonel Klink" Gonzalez to pose for photographs that can be used to show what a committed and dedicated leader he is.

Last week, in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, the city sent several Search and Recovery Teams from the Fire Department to North and South Carolina to help out.

It's something that city does, and something that it should be proud of being able to do.

In all the years that I've been paying attention to the antics at Miami City Hall though, I've never seen a City Manager hop on an airplane and go to where these men and women are doing what they can to help folks in need, in order to style and profile and pose for photos to go on his Twitter page @emiliotgonzalez.

Yet, a week after these rescue teams went North, there was Colonel Klink dressed up in his little emergency costume, with his boots all shined up heading to the Carolina like a camp whore following the troops.

And make no mistake, the Colonel goes nowhere alone.  The person taking the photos was a city employee, and the cost for that person(s), along with the Colonel's travel costs were paid for by the taxpayers of Miami, so that has prompted me to send the following email to the Colonel.

It's Miami, Bitches!

Yesterday I posted a story about Miami City Manager going to the Carolinas for a photo op with the members of the Fire Rescue task Force to help out with Hurricane Florence.  Today, the city's propaganda department issued a press release saying that these folks are coming home tomorrow, which only goes to support my claim  that there was absolutely no reason for Colonel Klink to leave Miami, and ding the taxpayers for the cost of the trip to pose for some photos and video.

This is the kind of financial oversight that the Suarez administration is showing in looking out for the taxpayers dollars.