January 2nd - Lourdes Blanco Lawsuit

January 2nd - Miami By The Numbers

January 2nd - The Mayor Issues A Veto To Stop Investigation Of City Manager

January 9th - The Shit Show At City Hall Finally Goes Off The Tracks

January 10th - Was The City Manager Going To Resign At Yesterday's Meeting - This And A Lot More Are In Today's Crespogram

January 11th - Dueling Legal Opinions

January 13th - Everybody Loves The First Amendment, As Long As It's Their Version Of The First Amendment

January 13th - The Ferris Wheel Ain't Spinning

January 14th - Joe Napoli's Gone, Attention City Employees& Recall Joe Carollo

January 15th - Downtown Residents File Lawsuit Against The City Over ULTRA Music Festival

January 16th - Rick Ovelman Died

January 16th - Magic City Lawsuit

January 17th - The City Manager's Resignation Letter

January 17th - City Managers Come, And City Managers Go...

January 21st - The Hyprocrisy Of How The Homeless Are Treated In Miami

January 27th - Another Lawsuit Filed Against The City. This one involves Joe Carollo and the City Attorney

January 27th - Laws? What Laws? This Is Our City...

January 28th - The State Of The City Is...

January 29th - Washington Square - A Fantasy

January 30th - MASTEC Is Trashing The City One Neighborhood At A Time

January 30th -Petition Drive To Recall Commissioiner Carollo Now Underway

February 1st - Renier Diaz de la Portilla's In The House,  

February 1st - Joe Carollo Can Tell If You're From Miami By Looking At Your Face

February 3rd - Another Event That Joe Carollo Didn't Get Invited To

February 5th -The Million Dollar Stripper Bowl

February 6th - Eddy Leal Seeks Legal Fees

February 6th - Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina

February 7th - The Miami Herald Publishes Pablum

February 9th - Hey Joe Carollo, Where Did The $40,000 Go?

February 9th - An Open Letter To Mayor Francis Suarez

February 11th - Colonel Klink Has Left The Building

February 11th - Video Of Press Conference To Recall Commissioner Carollo

February 12th - Carollo Releases Starement On Recall

February 13th - Part I - Wynwood District

February 14th - Carollo Recall Mailer

February 16th - Norman Braman Gets Super Duper Special Treatment

February 17th - The Hypocrisy Of Dealing With The Homeless Problem In MIami

February 17th - Electric Scooters Strewn Across The Siewalks

February 18th - Part II - Wynwood District - SWARM

February 18th - Part III - Wynwood District - Marketplace Shut Down

February 20th - Part IV - Wynwood District - Sweetheart Deal

February 20th - Wynwood BID Board Meeting

February 20th - Walkable Wynwood

February 21st - PART V - Billionaire Moishe Mana Goes Out Of Control And Threatens BID Board And Executive Director

February 21st - PART VI - Lies, Damn Lies, and the Politics Of Misdirection

February 22nd - The Mayor's Off To Paris Again, This Time With Diaz de la Portilla

February 22nd - MUST SEE TV - I Get Attacked By My Pal Commissioner "Comemierda"

February 23nd - Art Noriega, The Most Likely Choice To Be The Next City Manager

February 25th - Billionaire Moishe Mana Plays The Ex-Con Card

February 24th -The Slimy Cuban Politicians Of Miami

February 25th - Wynwood BID Executive Director Files Whistleblower Complaint Against Billionaire Moishe Mana

February 27th - Part IX - This Is What Happens When You Get Bad legal Advice.

February 29th - Photo Of The Day - New City Manager Gets Sworn In

February 29th - Carollo Loses Important Court Decision

February 29th - Appointees To The Miami 21 Task Force

March 2nd  - Part X - The #SAVEWYNWOOD Petition Effort

March 1st  - Petitions Collected In Carollo Recall Along With Voter Intimidation  

March 3rd  - Committee To Recall Carollo Files A Writ Of Mandamus Over Rejected Petitions

March 2nd  - Recall Carollo Petitions Rejected

March 3rd  - Judge Recuses Himself From Carollo Petition Case

March 4th  - Part XI - The Two Sides Of The Wynwood Conflict

March 6th  - Part XII - Photo Of The Day - Bubbles, Miami

March 6th  - Part XIII - Tony Albelo Decides To Play The Felon Card

March 9th  - Carollo & Sarnoff Caught In The Act

March 9th  - Who Was Or Is Behind This Lawsuit

March 10th - Judge Rules Against City In Recall Petition Fight


March 12th - The City Refused To Turn Over The Petitions To Board Of Elections. New Court Hearing On Friday.

March 12th - The March Wynwood BID Board and Community Meetings

March 15th - 2 K Pool Party Closed Down On Saturday Night

March 13th - Bruce Bagely Pleads Guilty to Fraud

March 13th - Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

March 19th - State Attorney Refuses To Prosecute Joe Carollo Over Paella-Gate Caper

March 23rd - The Miami Herald is In Deep, Deep Trouble

March 23rd - The Latest Info On COVID Testing In The City Of Miami

March 24th - The Latest Lawsuit Filed By Norman Braman

March 25th - The City Manager Is Not A Dictator

March 28th - The Reverend Joseph Lowery - RIP

March 28th - The Home, Bored Short Film Festival

March 30th - The Real 3 Amigos

March 30th - Public Comments From The Video City Commission Meeting

March 31st - Construction Sites Not Practicing Social Distancing

March 31st - Property Titles Transferred Behind Closed Doors

April 1st - I Finally Got My Hands On That COVID Testing Contract That Joe Carollo Wanrted Credit For, I Was Right To Fight To Get It

April 3rd - The ULTRA Postponment Deal Is Back On The Agenda And Just As Skanky As Ever

April 6th - Abuse Of Government Contracts

April 6th - MRC To Be Shut Down

April 7th - FOP Video Briefing To Members

April 8th - The Friends & Family Plan Is Up And Running During The Crisis

April 8th - Alex Diaz de la Portilla Wants To Kill The Effort To Extend The OMNI CRA Into The West Grove

April 8th - Commissioner Manalo Reyes Wants To Make It Harder For Historic Preservation Folks In the City To Haved Properties Declared Historic

April 9th - Competence Is Not A Requirement In The City Of Miami

April 10th - The City's Financial Condition

April 10th - Public Comments For the April 9th Commission Meeting

April 17th - Commissioner Hardemon Up To His Old Tricks Of Giving Uncle Billy & Auntie Barbara Taxpayer Money

April 17th - List Of All The Folks In Florida Who Got Bridge Loans From The Government

April 19th - The Latest Fight Over Public Records

April 19th - Surveillance Comes To Miami

April 20th - Money, Money! Get 'ya Covid-19 Emergency Business Money Here

April 21st - Commissioner Diaz de la Portilla Wants A Private Bathroom INstalled In His Office

April 22nd - AFSCME President Sean Moy Complains About Employee Promotions

April 23rd - Public comments for April 23rd Commission Meeting

April 23rd - Art Noriega Signs Larry Spring To A  $25,000 Consultant Contract

April 23rd -  The Latest Financial Projection From The Budget Director

April 24th -  Part I - The Alleged Crimes Of Joe Carollo

April 27th -  Part II - The Alleged Crimes Of Joe Carollo

April 28th -  Hearing On Sanctions Against City In MIro Case

April 29th - Steve Williamson, the Director of CIP Gor Fired

April 29th -  Special Meeting - No Agenda

April 29th -  Melreese Opens By Reason Of The Mayor's Incompetence

May 1st -  Part III - The Alleged Crimes Of Joe Carollo

May 4th -  Where Is Sarah Palin When You Need Her

May 4th -  Terri Schavio - A Photo Essay

May 6th -  Another Semi-Secret Special City Commission Meeting

May 7th -  In Miami The Rules Are Always Different

May 11th -  Ron Book & The Homeless Trust

May 11th -  A Look At How Many Homless People Are On Miami's Streets

May 15th - There Are No Political Boundaries To The Hypocrisy In Miami When It Comes To The Homeless

May 13th -  When Does Ron Book Lie?

May 15th - Police Internal Affairs Investigation Report Into The Arrest Of Dr. Amen Henderson

May 16th - City Of Miami's Response To The Eviction At The Homeless Encampment Last Week

May 16th - Public Comments For Last Week's City Commission Meeting

May 18th - City Issues New Emergency Order Opening Marinas

May 19th - Ron Book Writes Me

May 20th - The Mayor Hires A Media Advisor/Spokesperson/Consultant To Help Craft A New Image

May 26th - Ron Book Spends Money To Buy Influence

May 27th - The Boy-Toy Mayor Keeps Shrinking

May 27th - The Zoning Department And The Screwing OF The Residents

May 27th - 3rd DCA Rules That Recall Against Carollo Can Go Forward

May 28th - The City's Latest Financial Report

May 29th - The FTAA - The Last Time Miami Had A Big Protest

May 31st - The Morning After The Street Clashes Between Protesters and Cops, And How The Homeless Trust Spends $200,000 On Manipulating The Public